Invoicing Applications: Ultimate Payment Savior for Freelancers

Invoicing Applications Ultimate Payment Savior for Freelancers

Freelance life is never free. You might be working according to your own will but since you are your own boss, you have to be strict to you, for you. As a freelancer, you are wearing multiple hats. You are the CEO, the admin, the marketer, the financier and even the peon. At the same time you maybe a full-time-parent or a 9-5 work machine. And if you successfully manage to pull off all the roles, we salute your greatness BOSS!

But, let’s face it for once and all – it’s tough. As a freelancer you cannot do everything on your own, no matter how much you’d like to do so. You have to make a living while you have some time left for you and your family. In the time where you have to control financial management and take care of invoices is something every freelancer drags.

Entering technology, you can save your days anyway you want. Facebook and games may distract you and effect your productivity. But tech has always saved your life from hassle, it has been a blessing for busy freelancers seeking ways to divide their back office work load. Automation is a bliss in such cases.

Hence, here are three reasons

Get, Set, Go Efficient

Time is money if you work for yourself. You are always looking out for ways to increase your productivity and do more work efficiently. In such scenarios managing your finance and balancing accounts gets difficult. The less time you spend in administrating your payment schedules the more time you can give to your actual work.

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Bye Bye, Dumb Math Errors

Ever thought of giving a 40% off to your client because you made a math error while writing quotation? Nightmare yes. Using an invoice app we can ensure this won’t ever happen to you even in your dreams.

Mistakes can happen to almost every one of us. Miscalculating your work hours or forgetting to add the surplus charges are usually the most common mistakes all of us can make. With the help of an invoicing app you can sync invoicing with your time-tracking so you will never make such stupid-costing-you-considerably-good-bucks mistakes again.

Payment on Time, Every Time

If you send invoices manually it means you have to keep a cross check on them manually too. We know you are a busy solopreneur and you don’t want those annoying colored calendars around you.

Invoicing is a hassle, but a bigger one is following up to get paid. You generally use a spreadsheet to manually make sure if the invoice has been paid, when it was paid, when was the last time you followed up, etc. keeping track of invoices is difficult for everyone, it gets worse when they have multiple clients to follow up with, it can get downright brain-exploding. Again, an invoice app to the rescue.


Why setting annoying calendar reminders when you can leave everything up to technology i.e. a mobile friendly invoicing app? Make sure you get paid on time, keep a strong follow up with your clients in matter of payment schedules and save yourself from wasting so much time on this struggle. Just like a POS system streamlining your point of sales, invoicing is an important hectic, but technology can take the pain away if you’d let it.


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