The contact lens or contacts are thin lenses installed directly on the exterior of the eyes. They are used by millions of people worldwide to evade the hassles of wearing frames and even tweaking their outlook. Aesthetics are also a driving force, plus the peripheral vision is enhanced with lenses.

Its compatibility makes lenses an enticing commodity. However, this question has been raised several times. The fact that we put a foreign element in our eyes can seem scary and therefore unsafe. But it is a myth that must be debunked. Using contact lenses is safe unless they are wrongly placed.

Complications and damages only arise if the lenses were worn haphazardly or for too long. Doing so may affect the eyelid, conjunctiva, and entire cornea. Hence, be wary and learn how to put on your contact lenses from a professional. It would help to clean the lenses and stay mindful of certain tricks to evade any fiascos.


1) Most significantly, wear your lenses in a manner to enable the flow of oxygen. The lens conceals the whole cornea, diminishing the oxygen supply. By adhering to simple tricks prescribed by your optician, you may be able to solve this dilemma. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are an ideal choice because they are softer and enable oxygen transmission. They are also safer for the eyes in the long run.

2) Remember to inquire about crucial details with your optician regarding hours of wearing the lenses and when to dispose of them.

3) Another outstanding alternative is rigid gas permeable lenses. They are typically smaller in size and softer than silicone hydrogel lenses. They cover less of the cornea, leaving more room for oxygen supply, eye blinking, and tears to fall through. This reasoning makes gas permeable lenses a more superior option to others. It is advised to buy supple materials that do not cause any wreckage to the eyes.

4) One must stay conscious of their lenses’ cleanliness and clean them from time to time. The risk factors conceive with bacteria and other infection-causing agents incorporated in the eye. It only worsens over a while because lenses deposit excess dirt on the front and back.

Use a legitimate lens solution to keep potential dangers at bay, and do not skip cleansing. Remember that our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Any form of damage incurred in that area is primarily untreatable.

5) Never rub your eyes while wearing lenses because it disturbs the positioning and makes you vulnerable. It also increases the chances of external elements like infections traveling into the eyes and causing irritability.

6) The lens case must also be rinsed intermittently because that can get dirty over time. Wash and air dry it before pouring the lens solution to maintain maximum efficacy. It dwindles the risk of contamination and damage. You can also consider replacing/discarding the storage case every few months.

7) Limit the number of hours that you wear the lenses and replace them as per the guidelines. Overusing lenses can have detrimental effects.


Before purchasing permeable lenses, consult your optician because this information is often beyond us. They may be able to offer more meaningful counsel than any other lens brand.


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