Decorating Your Space; A Beginners Guide

Decorating Your Space; A Beginners Guide

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A lot of ideas come to mind when creating our ideal space. As simple as the process may appear, many of us never seem to get anything done eventually. Instead of making too many ideas in your head, why not start with choosing your decoration style.

Determine if you are choosing a traditional or modern style, monotone, or mixed color. Your decision determines the furniture, flooring, paints, and wall decors you will select. Delve into this guide to discover the best tips for decorating your space.

Choose Nice Wall Arts

Wall arts are not as expensive as you may think. All you need to do is implement your ideas creatively. A few wall arts are better than the empty wall. Often, walls depict open spaces. Nevertheless, avoid crowding the wall with too many skills. Choose designs and colors that blend.

Consider Appropriate Wall Painting

Another factor you should consider apart from the wall arts is your wall paints. Firstly, choose quality paint that would not fade quickly. You can ask for recommendations from friends or relatives. Also, checkup reviews or users’ comments on the paint company website.

After choosing your preferred brand, determine the color. Choose a color that can blend easily with the furniture, floor tiles, and lightning.

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Arrange the Space Elements

Space elements are significant in the furniture, except the kitchen and dining area. As easy as it may sound, the proper arrangement is a crucial factor in decorating your space.

Consider traffic flow and ensure the furniture does not take most of the space. People should freely move around without hitting one another or an object. Also, please place them in positions that would not hinder conversations. With proper furniture arrangements, the occupants can enjoy a free flow of communication.

Allow Natural Lightning

You may spend some amount on space bulbs, but natural lighting does more magic. Nevertheless, natural lightning does not overrule artificial light sources. Make sure to place it in strategic places to illuminate the whole space to provide ambiance and accent.

Also, place chandeliers at the middle ceiling of your living room to light up the center floor.

Select New Textiles

Replace worn-out bedsheets and curtains with new textiles. Even after repainting, your space will still look untidy if the bedsheets and curtains are old.

The textile transformation also includes the rugs and throw pillows. For the curtains, choose a bright and breezy design. It should allow ventilation in and avoid thick material. Choose soft and silky textiles. They are smooth to touch and create a comfy environment.


Your space decoration should be eye-catching and classy. If you do not have money for a total transformation, you can stick to one side of the room. For instance, painting a side of the wall to form a marble effect is a trick that has always worked.

Finally, before taking practical steps, put your ideas into paper, and set the goals you want to achieve. If you cannot write them down, you can note the pictures as images, including the space arrangement. In other words, your space decoration should be directional.


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