Is Your Roof As Clean As Your Floors?

Probably not, but it shouldn’t be either. However, you need to give your home’s roof some of the careful attention you give to the floors and interior of your home too. Just as you make certain that the daily and weekly chores are done, you should have a professional roof cleaning for your Portland home every so often.

It may not be something that you notice every minute of every day, and maybe you won’t “feel” or “see” the cleanliness of a professional house roof cleaning, but Portland area roof get nasty with algae, bacteria, mildew, and mold, and whether you realize it or not, the interior of your home is affected by this buildup.

Professional roof cleaning in Portland is as important to your home’s exterior as professional carpet cleaning is to the interior. This basic service is essential for the following reasons:

Not only are dirty rooftops an eyesore, but there is damage being done while the algae and moss sit there. It is eating away at the shingles and taking a deeper root to spread and do more damage.  The air blowing across that algae and moss is making it hard for you and your family to breath because it is getting inside your home each time you open a door or window. An affordable roof cleaning treatment will remove those dangers and make your roof healthier, which will make your home healthier.

Algae mossed covered roofs aren’t anything new in the Portland or Vancouver areas. In fact, the entire Pacific Northwest area is commonplace. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Professional roof cleaning for Portland-area homes is a lifesaver for the roof, your home, and your family. It sounds a bit extreme, but it is true.  Here are three ways to look at what an expert roof cleaning in Portland can do for you:

1) Make Your Home Fresh and Shining

House roof paining and cleaning in Portland when done professionally will enhance the curb appeal of your home, and if you’re thinking about selling your house soon, this will make yours stand out from the others that are for sale.

When you’re shopping or a house to make your home, would an algae moss-covered roof be as attractive as a bright, clean roof? Most likely, if you like the dirty roof house, you’d make a bid lower than what they’re asking because it looks dirty, old, and worn. That doesn’t mean the house is worth less overall, but the appearance makes it look that way, but this is how others are going to see your house if you put up for sale with a dirty roof.

There are several affordable roof cleaning services in the area that can make your home look clean, fresh, and worth the price you’re asking. Getting rid of those black stains that moss growth has created can be stripped away, usually with a solution of zinc sulfate, which not only cleans it but slows down its return.

2) ProfessionalRoof Cleaning In Portland Cheaper Than Repairs Or Replacements

 An affordable roof cleaning service will cost around $200, depending on the size of the roof, the height of your house, and the different roof pitches. A new roof will begin at $10,000 and go up from there. Which one is more affordable for the pocketbook and less trouble for you?

3) Protect Your Family’s Health with roof Cleaning

The Portland area is a damp area and everywhere is a breeding ground for algae and moss. Debris and dirt just stick to every surface, including your roof. Then that breeds bacteria and germs that not only are becoming airborne but soaking through your roof and making everyone prone to illnesses. Even if nobody is getting sick, who wants to smell mold all the time?

Yes, You Can Clean Your Own Roof – But Should You?

Yes, any homeowner can get a ladder, cleaning supplies, and equipment to do their own house roof cleaning, but in Portland, the area is almost always damp from the ocean, making ladders and roof slick and dangerous.  Why not hire a professional to do the job? They are bonded, insured, and most of all, experienced!


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