Know All About The Artificial Lung Transplant Procedure in India

The advancement in the medical procedures in India is commendable. Whether it is about the paediatric treatment or critical systems like Lung Transplant, everything is available at low-cost and with the higher success rate. If you are suffering from lung disorders, and wish to avail of the cure, you shall plan your visit to India.

Here, not only the lung transplant is successful with the help of the live donors, but if your condition is critical, the doctors here can plan even an artificial lung transplant process.

The Artificial Lung Transplant Cost in India is a way too less in the country compared to any other part of the world.

Now, the question is what the need for an artificial lung transplant procedure is? How is it helpful?

Benefits of An Artificial Lung Transplant Procedure:

Every than more than a million people across the world are diagnosed with lung failure. Now, approximately 15% of the patients require an immediate transplant, or else it can prove to be fatal for them.

Approximately 10% of patients who suffer from pulmonary disorders die without availing any treatment. The wait to avail the lung from a deceased donor is so high that their body cannot survive.

It is here when the artificial lung transplants are helpful. The artificial lung is an assisted device that can restore the function of the lung temporarily in the body. The first-ever artificial lung transplant was done in the year 2014 in India.

You would be surprised to know that the procedure was initiated on a 64-year-old patient, and the process was highly successful. The patient could survive for a span of eight months until he received a lung from a brain dead donor to undergo the lung transplant procedure.

There were no complications or side-effects of an artificial lung transplant procedure. As there is no living organ in the artificial lung, and the battery assists it, there was no rejection from the immune system.

It is highly practised not only in India but across the different parts of the world, to help for survival to the patients who can die immediately due to the failure of the lung. However, you will have to live a disciplined life avoiding all the things that are suggested by the doctor.

Drinking should be prohibited entirely, and you should survive on the simple homemade food. It would help if you made exercise the daily part of your life, and avoid all the things that increase your cholesterol and the weight of the body.

In a Nutshell:

When the lung transplant cost is very high across the globe, the Lung Transplant Cost in India is at least ten times less. Similarly, the price of an artificial lung transplant is only USD 5,000 in India. It is possible to save one life at such a low-cost. Moreover, there is no other country that can offer treatment at this price. The starting price of an artificial lung transplant in other countries is USD 25,000 to 35,000.


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