5 reasons why you should use mobile covers

mobile cover

We all use mobile phones, but not everyone is using mobile covers. Mobiles have become an integral part of our lives and we cannot imagine our day without them. They contain our vital data ranging from professional contacts to personal images and videos.

We rely on them so much that we have stopped carrying or maintaining the diaries which were used to maintain contact list and addresses. Such an important device is used roughly and rigorously in today’s world. But, are we all taking measures to protect our phones?

These are simple measures like protecting the screen with a screen guard, putting our phone a cover or enabling certain features so that the data in it cannot be tampered in case the phone is lost.

In this article, let us tell you simple 5 reasons why you must protect your mobile phones with mobile covers.

#1. Mobile covers protect the phone

We cannot imagine a single day without our phone. So, why not use phone covers to protect them?

No one wants an expensive phone to get damaged. Also, not everyone has security for the phone.

Phone covers help you protect your phone from damage. Imagine a phone without a cover falling down on the floor. If a cover is added, the risk of great damage is mitigated to a great extent. It is better to spend around 200 Rupees in buying a mobile phone cover than spending a lot on getting it repaired.

#2. Helps you have a grip of the phone

We get phones with various body types these days. Certain phones have a shiny slippery body which makes it difficult for us to have a proper grip of the phone.

Also, many people get sweat in their palms when they use the phone for a long time. This also increases the chances of the phone getting slipped. No one would like their phones to be dropped and damaged.

Mobile covers play a key role here. They help you get a better grip on the phone.

#3. Make them look stylish

Everyone is using mobile phones and a lot of people would be using the same model which you are using. What makes you differentiate from them? Phone Covers

Covers not only protect your phones but also help you make them look stylish. Covers have various designs and colors which make the phone attractive.

If your phone’s body is already stylish and if you do not want to hide the natural beauty of your phone, you can always have a choice to use transparent covers.

#4. Speaks about YOU

You might wonder how your phone covers speak about you? Yes, they do speak about you. Mobile covers these days have quotes printed on them. So you can have a quote which you live by or maybe have the print of your favorite superhero.

Doesn’t this express your favorite quotes to the world even without you saying it out loud?

You can buy such an amazing phone cover in India from Bewakoof. Yes, they even sell beautiful and good quality mobile cases besides amazing cloths.

#5. Helps you get a better resale value

No one likes to buy a second-hand phone with a lot of scratches and damages. But, if the phone looks new, then there is a high chance of you getting a better resale value. You can make your phone look new by ensuring that you use a cover.

When you use a phone cover, it protects your phone and prevents it from any scratches and damages. Also, its colors and body look new even after several years if you are using a phone cover.

This will surely attract the buyer towards the phone and help you get better resale value.


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