4 Important Things You Learn During the First Aid Certification Course for Children’s Health!

4 Important Things You Learn During the First Aid Certification Course for Children's Health!

Children are full of energy and always on the go, but they can get into dangerous situations. They can fall off trees or bicycles, hurt themselves while playing, run into sharp objects, have allergic reactions to stings or bites, choke on food, and suffer from allergic reactions. When accidents happen, the best thing you can do is be prepared. We can prepare ourselves by getting first aid certification courses for children.

First aid training gives you the essentials of what it takes to administer immediate care in a stressful situation. First aid helps save lives, reduce a child’s recovery time and help reduce the risk of the kid having a temporary or long-term disability. These courses help teach caregivers the basics of handling an emergency. Let’s look at the four important things you learned during the basic first aid certification course for children’s health!

Choking and Breathing Emergencies

A choking child is a frightening sight, but you can help. You will learn how to step in and assist the kid when they need help clearing their airways from the course. You will also notice other breathing emergencies from your training and learn how to offer aid for asthma and anaphylaxis cases. Being prepared will undoubtedly help save the child’s life or eliminate the need to visit the pediatrician.

Wound Care

Kids are susceptible to cuts, bruises, stepping on nails, and burns. Though the wound might be small, you need to treat it effectively. The course teaches you how to stop the bleeding, treat a bruise, remove splinters, correctly sterilize and dress the wound. You will also know how to detect a bone break by twisting and pulling the limb at the area of pain. These simple skills can be very helpful when raising kids while reducing the panic and cost of addressing these issues.

Responding to Emergencies

The basics of the first aid course are about teaching you how to respond to an emergency. You will learn to respond to the situation before using your first aid skills to treat bruises and cuts. You will know to approach the kid, what to look for, and how to reduce your own risk of infection or harm. The course will teach you about the 3 C’s of the check, call, and acre. Knowing how to respond to an emergency will save the kid’s life and protect your health.

CPR and AED Training

This easy-to-learn technique can double or triple a child’s chance of survival if performed immediately after sudden cardiac arrest. While CPR might look like common knowledge, not everyone knows how to do it correctly. It is critical to learn how to conduct CPR on children and infants. CPR training will teach you to respond to an emergency, such as cardiac arrest. You will learn when and how to use an automatic external defibrillator.

Basic first aid skills are a must-have for every parent and caregiver. Knowing how to perform some basic first aid procedures could mean the difference between life and death. These skills learned will help reduce panic, save lives, and improve your parenting experience.


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