Media Content Distribution Tools & Strategies

Media Content Distribution Tools & Strategies

Every business puts in commendable efforts in generating valuable content for business growth. But does it generate customer? Is the content being distributed effectively so as to generate business? Great content sitting on the screen without generating any return is of no value. The real thing is to push the content efficiently towards the target audience and transform it into business. This article is all about the tools and strategies that businesses need to adopt in order to attract clients.


When the content is distributed in the right direction its value increases by many fold. Isn’t it sad to see a lovely content sitting all alone in the window?  Some tools are mentioned below which will help marketers to channelize their content in the right direction and make the most out of it.



Thankfully, the market is full of tools that will help in getting your content right in front of the people.  Some are paid, some are free but each one will help you in achieving the desired media content distribution goal. So let’s get to know them.


  • Social Media- One of the most effective and widespread social media is a platform that caters to everyone and anyone. If used correctly social media can be the most beneficial tool for media content distribution. Social media can prove to be a great platform to make your content viral and reach the desired target audience. But one thing is very crucial here. Do not treat your content as one and done kinda thing. Just think over it. If you make your media content available only once and sit back assuming that it’s done then you’re on the wrong track. If you want to increase your visibility and shares it is important to schedule your social media content.


  • Email Marketing- There is tons of databases available which you can put to use by way of email marketing. It allows interaction on one-to-one basis and creates a rapport with the customers, leading to future sales. The whole idea is to make your emails attractive so that the target audience is compelled to open it and read.


  • Company Newsletters- Newsletters are yet another effective tool for media content distribution. Highlighting your media content in each newsletter is a great way to remind customers about your business. Make sure to add blog posts, video content, and so on. This will not only be a reminder to the existing customers but will also help in attracting new ones.



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  • Guest Blogging- Many of us may not think about guest blogging when it comes to media content distribution. The fact is, it can be used to successfully highlight and promote your existing content. Be careful while selecting websites. Make sure you pick the relevant ones only and do not over optimize the links in your post for the sale of SEO. Another important thing while guest blogging is that remember to write for the audience of the website that is going to host your content. This can help in bringing fresh traffic to your site and expand your client base too.


  • Employee Influence- We are so busy focusing on social media and other media channels that our own employees are often forget it. Yes, you read it right-employees. One may wonder how employees can help in media distribution. The next question that may pop-up is how? Read on and you will know. Employers can arrange for an employee advocacy program where the employees will be teach to use social media effectively for their career/company. Thus, each employee can also help the company in media content distribution.


  • Influencer Marketing- Last but not the least, it is utmost important to build a healthy relationship with influencers in your industry. If you have not yet done this, then you are surely missing out on a huge opportunity for content promotions. How does it work? Imagine an industry influence sharing your media content on social media via a high-authority blog. It is sure to send traffic pouring into your website from all directions. Wouldn’t it be a great option for content distribution?


All the above mentioned tools are sure to do their bit in helping you with content distribution. Some tools may work exceptionally well for you and some may not. It all depends on the type of industry and market scenarios that you are surround with.


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