Why You Need to Use IPads at Your Next Event In 2019

Why You Need to Use IPads at Your Next Event In 2019

Technology moves fast and so do trends based around technology. In the past business events have been simplistic when you compare them with their outlook of today and probably times to come as well. 2018 has been a great year for technology products and with the just announced iPad Pro models by Apple Inc., the technology game has only risen to new heights.

IPads are such popular technology devices that as soon as you talk about a digital tablet, the word iPad comes to mind first. Even to the point that some android tablets are also referred to as an iPad by someone who is not so technologically well informed. iPad Hire for Business Events services or more specifically iPad Hire for our instance, are truly Godsend saving businesses large investments and providing all expected high quality functionality at the same time.

With 2018 almost coming to a close as yet another year flies by us, here’s why you would need iPads on your events in 2019 and possibly years to come after that as well:

Will there be a new Trend in 2019 for Events?

When talking about technology and its implementation for business events and occasions, you have to look at the current trends of the market. This modern trend got kicked in when iPads became productivity devices as well as media consumption devices that they have always been. Apple introduced productivity apps that are ever so useful in the business market and iPads have all generally been very fast when it comes to processing. With the recently announced iPad Pro 2018 models that take performance to a whole new level, Apple changed the game yet again.

However, when it comes to any new developing trends for business suitable digital devices, there is no foreseeable change in trend for 2019. IPads will continue to dominate the productivity and media consumption domains as there is no tough competition for them from any other brand. Things are only looking brighter for the iPad as Apple has now started to full out market it as a laptop replacement. We will most likely see the iPad adopted more in the business market as more supportive accessories will continue to make it more functional for events of business nature.

What Is a Good Tablet to Hire For Events?

Even though the Apple iPads are most popular when it comes to digital tablets, but these are not the only options in the market. Some Samsung tablets are great productivity devices as well with Google offering their own options as well. Microsoft with their Surface and Surface Pro have offered a full Windows experience on a tablet as well. Some direct competitors to Apple iPads are great but don’t provide that overall best experience that a business user might be looking for.

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a Windows based tablet that is still confused between a tablet functionality and a full laptop functionality. The Microsoft Surface line of products offer a fully optimized Windows user experience but might not be everyone’s cup of tea with somewhat chunky and not so streamlined designs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has been rated the best Android Tablet but apps are still not optimized for the tablet screen real estate. When you ask the experts about which tablet hire suit events best, there really is always that one answer, the IPad from Apple!


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What is the best IPad to Hire for Events?

If you are looking for iPad Rental for Events, you first need to establish your exact usage requirements for these high quality devices. There are many different models of iPads available to hire, some of which include these options:

  • The recently announced iPad Pro 2018 models in both their 11 inch and 12.9 inch sizes. These will be slightly expensive to hire as they are still very new
  • Older iPad Pro 2017 models in their 10.5 and 9.7 inches sizes. These are still very fast offering great audio and video output
  • The much smaller iPad Mini 4 with its 7.9 inch display offering probably the best size for many people
  • Older iPad Air and Air 2 with regular iPad models that are today some of the cheapest iPad Hire options in the market.

When you consider the absolute best processing power and brightest most accurate displays with loudest full sound output, the recent iPad Pro 2018 models will always be the best options. However, different events will need different types of iPads. Some will require the best processing hardware with the latest software applications. For them, the iPad Pro will be the perfect fit.

There will be some events that will require smaller displays as well and can make do with a couple of year older specs. The iPad Mini 4 will offer a lot of power with a much smaller form factor as well. When you want the larger iPads and will only run average everyday applications on them, the iPad Air 2 and the regular iPad will suit best. Businesses have to determine on their own which models suit their needs best as all different models have their own characteristics to offer.

How IPads Suit Your Events Best?

Having considered all the options, now you should look at how iPads suit your business events best in 2019 and the years to come after that. With functional accessories like the Apple Pencil and Apple IPad Keyboard Case, Apple has done the best job of making their tablet most functional for business usage and yet provide industry leading media consumption at the same time. IPads for business events offer:

  • Compact designs with large screens that can go all the way up to a staggering 12.9 inch in size matching that most modern laptops
  • All applications optimized for the tablet interface offering great user experience with no compromises at all
  • The newer iPad Pro models with their A12 Bionic chips offering better than most laptops processing speeds with perfect app loading and running services
  • Apple’s perfectly optimized displays with a full surround sound output with the iPad Pro line of products
  • Apple Care offering enhanced aftersales services unmatched by any other product in the industry
  • Enhanced iPad syncing options that can show your audiences just what they need to see boosting the purpose of your events at all times

Keeping all these advantages in mind, iPads should be the device of choice for business events in 2019 and the years to come after that offering their customary high quality functionality. Certainly the iPad Rental option for temporary usage requirements for business events can cut costs a great deal and yet provide all the Apple’s intended high quality user experiences at the same time.


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