Modern Streetwear in Australia

Modern Streetwear in Australia

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, it is the only continent in the world that is a country. It comprises the Australian continent and Tasmania Island along with several other smaller nearby islands.

The country is known for its teeming wildlife and 90% of the inhabitants of the continent live along the coasts. The interior of the huge island is actually a big desert.

The weather, culture, and streetwear Australia has to offer are definitely laid back and fun. You don’t have to be sporty just to fit in, but you can get a look that suits your style, which can serve as a personal signature.

More than Just Beachwear

You don’t need to wear something that has a rather beach-like theme, except if the occasion calls for it, of course. The current trends that streetwear in Australia has allows you to go against the flow and do anything you like. But here’s an important reminder: You may need outfits that are activity-specific. If you’re roaming in the outback, then wear gear that is suited for the heat. But as soon as you enter the city limits then consider changing into clothes that are less rough. Here are a few tips:

  • Consider the basics – a basic crew tee will never go out of style no matter the weather. Get ones in white, black, monochrome, and you can even play with the contrasts.
  • The men’s pants – jeans and laguna pants are somewhat of a staple in Australian streetwear, so you must have a pair of those. However, rib white joggers and athletic pants and shorts also have their special place in the Aussie lifestyle, which make them must-haves too.
  • Essentials for the ladies – tees and jeans work well for Aussie women, don’t complicate things that aren’t intended to be. However, you might want to consider a storm or blaze tank to add a rather head-turning appeal.
  • Bottoms for women – shorts and denims are staples in Australian streetwear. But don’t let that detail hold you back. Expand your horizons! For example, getting a casa, azalea, or even a matira skirt can make you stand out in the crowd.

What Does the Latest Australian Streetwear Look Like?

Authentic Aussie street clothing is rather laid back with light fabric that is best suited for the country’s climate. But the country’s streetwear fashion continues to evolve as well so you should keep an eye on the latest fashion trends.

Men’s casuals are usually tighter-fitting tees and tend to taper off along with the details of both tops and bottoms; this is true for spark and plain tees, hoodies, jackets, and athletic wear. You may also look into Beaulieu sweaters, Roxbury hoods, and other assortments of sweaters and hoodies.

Women’s casuals include authentic crop rip tops and rib tops, which add variety to your options. If you’re looking for something more sports-like, then track pants for women are never out of fashion.

Location Specific Clothing

When you’re outdoors, you can wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. You can also get away with sleeveless tops and shirts if you’re in a more urban setting. But if you’re in a particularly sunny area, make sure to bring some proper coverage, so you don’t get sunburn. Long-sleeves and pants, as well as closed shoes, are ideal.

Finally, remember that your choice of street wear should be a matter of self-expression. Have fun, mix and match things, and let your clothes speak your mind.


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