What New Innovations Are Happening With Motorcycle Helmet Technology

What New Innovations Are Happening With Motorcycle Helmet Technology

When it comes to motorcycle riding, safer is always better. Technology is continually advancing in all aspects of the motorcycle industry, so being safe is easier than ever without sacrificing comfort and style. From augmented reality to lighter-weight, more durable materials, you should be able to find exactly what you want and need in a helmet. The most essential part of your motorcycle gear is your helmet. It needs to be form-fitting but comfortable. It’s worth the time and effort to research the best motorcycle helmets to meet your need.

What the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands Are

There’s no shortage of choices when you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet. Here are a few of the best brands:


Bell has been a leader in motorcycle safety and an innovator in research and development. It not only contributes some of the safest helmets but also some of the most affordable.


People have known HJC as a budget helmet brand for years, but it’s also gaining a reputation for being one of the best brands. When searching for men’s motorcycle helmets online you’ll find that for less than $150, you can get a highly acclaimed helmet; the HJC CL-17 will provide excellent protection without breaking the bank.


Shoei is one of the oldest and most reputable helmet manufacturers. Top professional riders are often seen wearing Shoei helmets. They’re usually on the higher end price-wise, but you’ll definitely be getting high quality.

Tips on How To Find the Best Motorcycle Jacket

Your motorcycle jacket, like your helmet, must fit properly to protect you from the elements, abrasion and impacts. A motorcycle jacket can be more challenging to size than a standard jacket. The most crucial factor is that it fits you properly while you’re riding. It also must suit your riding style and level of protection. Three main types of jacket fits are available:

  • American cut typically offers the most room in the shoulders, arms and waist.
  • European cut is a slim fit with a somewhat tapered profile.
  • Race jackets provide added protection, such as pre-curved sleeves for more flexibility when you’re in the more aggressive sport riding positions on your bike.

Leather will provide superior protection to other materials in a crash or slide. However, you’ll need to avoid rain unless your leather has a waterproof outer layer. Leather also isn’t practical for summer riding. Full textile jackets are the most versatile, while providing better-than-adequate protection.

Whatever type you choose, your motorcycle jacket should be snug while allowing you to move freely. It shouldn’t hinder your ability to reach the handgrips, lean or turn. Ensure the armor stays where it needs to (e.g., over your elbows and shoulders) when you move in different ways. A jacket that’s too loose won’t protect you in a crash, and one that’s too snug could cause you to wreck.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the scene, you’ll need some new motorcycle gear at some point. Search online for reputable retailers to find the best motorcycle helmets, as well as the best motorcycle jackets for women and men.


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