The Ultimate Decision-Making Guide to Getting a Dog

The Ultimate Decision-Making Guide to Getting a Dog

Dogs are one of the most popular options for individuals and families alike when considering a new pet. There are many reasons dogs are so popular, and children, in particular, may adore the prospect of a cute new puppy that they can play with.

However, despite their obvious appeal, dogs also come with many cons which you should know about. It’s important to do your research before making any commitment, as having a dog is a lot more work and investment than it may first appear. This guide will look at everything you need to consider before deciding to buy your very own dog, considering both the positives and negative aspects, solutions to the negatives you may face, and ultimately whether it is the right time for you to reap the amazing rewards of having a loving dog.

They Can Be Very Restricting, but Do Provide a Happy Home

If you’re someone who loves spontaneous weekends away, regular vacations, staying out late, or having an active social life, that can all change immediately with a dog. Even if you plan to take your dog on vacation with you instead of arranging kennels, this restricts you to dog-friendly places and the possibility of having to stay in the country.

Dogs can also make it a worrying time if you get stuck in traffic, unexpectedly have to stay late at work, or other emergencies, if your dog is home alone. If you love the idea of having a pet in the house but know that you don’t want to be held down by these restrictions, consider pets that can be left for longer periods of time. Cats can be left all day, for instance, if you go to work every day.

However, if you are willing to cut back on your social life and vacations and plan for traffic trouble, dogs do provide more love and affection within your home environment. They can help improve your health too. Dogs can help you to feel less stressed, can help you to have a healthy routine, feel more motivated, give your home life more of a purpose and allow you to enjoy unconditional and faithful love.

They Offer Companionship but Require Plenty of Patience

Dogs are especially beneficial for those who live alone or who suffer from loneliness. Dogs provide unlimited companionship, friendship, and a welcoming presence within a home which otherwise might feel too quiet or empty. However, you need to be aware that it’s easy to get swept away with how adorable puppies and dogs look, but the reality is very different when you’re raising one.

Puppies can be destructive, messy, difficult, extremely naughty, and require a lot of patience and training. This also means that you need to dedicate your spare time to training, too. Try to share the responsibilities with your family or partner, or book some time off work for the first couple of weeks to ensure that you can leave enough time to get them settled.

Medical and Healthcare Bills Can Be Expensive

Preparing your finances for a dog isn’t just about the initial costs. You need to plan for the cost of healthcare for the rest of your dog’s life, and this isn’t easily done, as you never know what can happen. This can be a difficulty for those with no savings, no emergency vet fund, or no long-term security with income. To tackle this, getting an affordable long-term veterinary service like easyvet can make it a lot easier to understand prices and healthcare. A vet that puts your dog first without costing you a fortune is the key.

They Can Change Your Home Entirely

Even well-trained dogs can compromise your home space. Dogs can leave pet hairs everywhere, can spread mud and dirt after messy walks, risk marking and compromising your furniture or flooring, and can be smelly. You’ll need a good home cleaning routine to keep up with a dog, and some breeds can make more of a mess than others. It might help to puppy-proof your home beforehand, such as replacing your carpets with laminate or wooden flooring to make cleaning up mud much easier.

Dogs can also be very disruptive, especially young puppies, meaning you might be victim to noise, howling, scratching, or disturbance as they grow (and get no sleep or rest as a result). However, with good training in place, this shouldn’t last long.

Dogs Can Encourage a Healthy Exercise Routine

Getting a dog is one of the best ways to ensure generous exercise every single day. Dogs usually need at least two walks a day, and you’ll have no choice to walk them instead of making excuses to avoid exercise. They will help you to get fresh air, feel motivated and keep moving.

A Dog Can Mean Extra Safety

Having a dog in your home can mean you feel more protected. Breeds, which are exceptional guard dogs, can help to keep your home safe, ward off any intruders or alert you to anything you might otherwise not have known about. Simply having a dog in your home can help with peace of mind in feeling safe and secure.

Are You Ready for a Dog?

You may want to consider fostering a dog to experience life with a pet before making your own commitment. Or, you may want to think about rehoming an adult dog from a shelter instead of opting for a pedigree puppy if you’re unsure about raising a young dog.

With so many breeds and opportunities to choose from, there’s always the right dog for you if you’re ready to make that commitment.


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