Top 10 Notch Ice Cream Parlors in Delhi

Top 10 Notch Ice Cream Parlors in Delhi

A cone of colorful ice-cream scoopes can water our mouth regardless of age because we all love to scream for ice creams. It is the best dessert one can think of when the sun is above your head, and the heatwave has tested your temper. When you crave ice-cream and taste the best ice creams of town, that’s bliss. In this blog, we have curated the best Ice cream parlors in Delhi. So next time when you crave ice cream, you know exactly where to go.

1. Naturals

Naturals is one of the best ice parlors in Delhi NCR. You can visit the Connaught place outlet of Naturals. As the name suggests, its ice creams are made with natural and pure ingredients. They do not use any preservatives. The flavors are very unique and refreshing. Most loved ice cream options are chikoo, sitaphal, tender coconut, jackfruit, watermelon, and many more. You can also order from here. It is undoubtedly one of the best ice cream parlors in Delhi, we assure.

2. Haagen- Dazs

To satisfy your craving for luxury ice cream experience, you got to visit Haagen-Dazs. It has multiple outlets including, select city mall of Saket. The dessert has been uplifted to another level in this parlor. They have all kinds of ice creams with an upgraded version of it. It is a delight to have a fancy version of a crispy waffle and banana split. The amazing experience will put you in awe for sure.

3. Whipped

Whipped is another famous ice cream parlor in Delhi, Defence colony, to be specific. The parlor looks is heaven for ice cream lovers with all the delicious looking photographs run along the wall to allure the customers. The menu does not only list the ice cream flavors but amalgamation of food and ice cream. You won’t believe that they also server alcohol ice cream.

4. Giani’s

Since 1956, Giana’s is still one of the best ice cream parlors in Delhi. They are consistently serving our favorite flavourful ice creams. The best in their menu are Punjabi delight, kaju kishmish, honey nut crunch, and its fantastic cream sundae. These are just the best of the best options we have mentioned, and if you go there, ready to be amazed by the variety and combinations. You can order it through various food delivery apps like Zomato from the best ice cream parlors in Delhi. To avail discounts on your order, use the Zomato coupon code while ordering from its mobile app.

5. Creme Borne

The ice creams can be cute and beautiful too. At Crème Borne, you can get mini mustache or googly eyes ice cream. These cute ice cream versions are hard to bite, but when you dig in, you will be taken away with their flavors. They have very innovative flavors of strawberry cheesecake, cookie dough, and more. The toppings like gems and marshmallows make it even more tempting.

6. Nirula’s Ice Cream

Nirula’s Ice cream parlor is one of the oldest parlor, but some outlets are still functioning. It has amazing ice cream flavors reminding of our childhood. Most loved flavors are hot chocolate fudge, mango, and most enticing red velvet.

7. Gelato Roma

Right at the heart of south Delhi, Gelato Roma is one of the favorite destinations for ice cream lovers. It offers the customers to experience the creamy ice cream and fruits sorbet. The fresh seasonal fruit flavors like mango, lemon, and pineapple are available there. They offer super delicious chocolate chip sundae.

8. Azote

Azote is one outstanding ice-cream parlor you can visit in Delhi. It is located at SDA market in HauzKhas. It has elevated the experience of enjoying ice cream. You can have nitrogen-infused ice creams served with syringes full of melted chocolate, massive chocolate sundaes like never seen before, and cakes and pastries are bursting with flavors. Enjoy the sophisticated ice cream dishes with the neon light ambiance of the parlor.  The sheer experience it offers has made it one of the best ice cream parlors in Delhi. Don’t miss to visit this outlet.

9. Turquoise Ice Cream

You must have seen the Turkish ice cream server’s videos with his tricks of flipping the cone and entertaining the beholders if you wish to experience thick and dense Turkish ice cream, step into Turquoise Ice cream parlor in Noida.

10. Minus 30

The ice creams can be healthy too. If you don’t believe it, you need to visit Minus 30. It is located in Okhla Phase 1. They prepare all kinds of ice cream without adding any artificial flavor. Every bite you take is the fresh fruit flavor. You just need to place the order in advance.


The love of ice cream will never die, and we need nothing but a cup of our favorite ice cream to uplift our mood. If you stay in Delhi or you are on a trip to Delhi, you should not miss visiting the ice cream parlors listed above. These are the most flavorful and enjoyable hotspot ice cream lovers. Taking a bit into cold, creamy dessert is no more a dish but an experience. You can enjoy that experience in the above outstanding ice cream parlors in Delhi.


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