The Best Offline Marketing Methods to Support Your Online Brand

The Best Offline Marketing Methods to Support Your Online Brand

The online world has taken over marketing in the last decade. A good website, strong social media presence, and great email marketing campaign are all central to your success. New digital tools have given companies a massive reach, and lots of new ways to engage with their customers. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect offline marketing strategies.

The best marketing campaigns combine the two. Having a strong offline presence will help to support your online presence and give the impression of a ubiquitous brand. It also helps you reach people that don’t spend that much time online.

These are some of the best offline marketing methods to support your online brand.

Business Events

Business events are a great way to meet a lot of potential customers in a short space of time. Industry events are filled with people that are interested in companies like yours. You can showcase your products, collect email information, and get some more direct face time with potential customers. It’s also a good place to see what your competitors are up to and network with other business leaders in your industry.

When you are attending these events, you must do your research first and work out which events your target audience is likely to be at. Put some time into designing a bright, eye-catching stand too, so you can encourage people to stop. It’s a good idea to get some great branded merchandise from places like to entice people too. Don’t go for boring stuff like pens or mouse mats, get things like water bottles, which people will use.

You should also think about speaking at events. When people see you speaking at a big business event, it immediately strengthens your brand and shows people that you are a leader in your industry.

Print Publications

People often say that print is dead and it’s all about digital publications, but that isn’t true. While print publications don’t get the same readership they used to, they’re still a good place to advertise yourself. Online, you are up against a lot of competition but when people are reading print publications, they are more focused. They’re more likely to notice your ad than they would be if they were scrolling social media. You can advertise in trade publications too if you want to reach a targeted audience and position yourself as a top brand in your sector.


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Cold Calling

Cold calling is another method that businesses often overlook. There is a common perception that people find them annoying, and you won’t see any results. However, a lot of people, especially the older generation, prefer to talk to people over the phone. A large percentage of people will not respond to cold calling, but the return rates are much higher than you think. That initial one-to-one contact is a lot more personal than social media or email marketing.

You must invest in digital marketing, but your campaigns will be a lot more successful if you supplement with these offline strategies too.


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