Online Shop Owner? Learn From These Successful Shopify Stores

Are you an online shop owner, intending shop owner or know someone who owns one? Then you need to read this.

Certain avoidable mistakes certain online shop owners make hamper sales and impede growth, leading to business closure in extreme cases.

Similarly, some stores succeed by watching, studying and copying other successful online stores, their strategies and methods.

In this post we’ll see how and why the featured Shopify stores are successful, their store stories and what you can learn from them, plus how they made huge profits, conquered milestones and scaled successfully.

Why Shopify for Ask?

Shopify is a reputable ecommerce platform that allows merchants run and operate their ecommerce or online or dropshipping business with ease.

Powering over 600,000 stores, Shopify has cemented itself as a major player with the likes of BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, etc.

Shopify is also user friendly, features a beautiful user interface, control dashboard, tons of themes, apps, plugins, extensions, etc and is highly customizable, even for non-technical people.

What You Can Learn From These Top Shopify Stores

There are several successful Shopify stores that have the following in common

  • Good Brand/Store Story

Storytelling is selling, more brands are beginning to recognize and utilize the power of story selling.

These stores each have a good brand or store story behind them propelling them forward. Customers can connect with their stories which is great for engagement.

  • Media Visibility

The press loves and lives to share stories, failures and success stories alike. Stores that excel especially in their first year draw attention and success has many “friends”.

For instance GameKlip, a Shopify store that sells game controllers for smartphones, has been featured on Gizmodo, ABC News, CNET, PC World and The Verge to name a few.

  • Rapid Growth

Attention from publicity or other strategic marketing techniques, efforts, will spur rapid store growth.

Orders will increase as well as the pressure to deliver. These stores have been able to scale successfully and not buckle under the pressure. This is important for stores seeking growth.

  • Creativity and Innovation

With millions of online stores now open and opening, only creative and innovative stores are able to rise above the noise.

These successful stores are creative, they are able to differentiate by providing certain solutions to existing problems or by creating entirely new product lines.

  • Great Website Designs

Shopify features beautiful, responsive, customizable themes; able to scale on any device. However, these top Shopify stores take their design seriously, knowing that online shopping is highly visual.

Their sleek, simple and smart designs stand them out from among the pack and attract shoppers to their digital storefront, don’t forget that online shopping is highly visual.

Now, unto the stores themselves.


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Top Shopify Stores From Around The World

  1. Pencil by FiftyThree

Pencil is an award winning stylus or touchpen used for iPhones, it has won several IDEA awards since its debut in 2013. The design is beautiful, with it you can sketch, draw and write on your iPhone or iPad screen.

Its aesthetic design is high-end and probably its greatest feature, but still it comes with a battery that goes a month without charging, well crafted aluminium or wooden body, and a whole host of other incredible features.

Their amazing website design is also a beauty to behold.

  1. Poundtoy

This toy store is all about kids and toys but it isn’t here to play. When they first launched they struggled to keep up with demand, the orders were simply overwhelming.

In their first month of sales customers ordered 11 items per order on average. Thankfully they were able to manage it and scale successfully.

The toy store initially focused on marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay but recently opened up their Shopify store. Now one of the fastest growing discount toy stores in the UK and the world they currently sell toys in the tens of thousands each month.

  1. Note Beauty

Another UK store makes the list. Note Beauty is the foremost distributor of the famed UK beauty cosmetic store Note, they ship products around the UK and globally.

Note Beauty is the ‘official and exclusive’ distributor of Notes cosmetic products. Their products are optimized with organic skin-care ingredients, top quality, classy and affordable, a delicate combination.

They are featured in sites such as Yahoo and Sheknows.

  1. Khara Kapas

This is an innovative Indian store that sells handcrafted custom clothing made from cotton sourced locally (Khara Kapas translates to ‘pure cotton’).

Their Indian inspired designs stand them out, plus they look simple and marvellous to the eye.

In their store you can find dresses, footwears, skirts, tops and Kafilas. These clothes are made in India but they ship worldwide. This store makes up to $1,500 in sales each day.

  1. Bremont

Bremont made 14 million pounds worth of sales, that’s one whale of a sale!

This British high-end luxury watchmaker sells chronometers, really expensive ones to customers across the globe who rush the limited edition watches featured on their beautiful minimalist design website.

One GoldSmiths watch can set you back $6,097. Now you understand why they say time is money.


There are millions of online stores out there and counting, the competition is indeed real. One of the ways to stay ahead is by constant learning, and what better way is there to learn than from those who have succeeded?


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