Top 5 Exotic Villages In Kerala

Kerala is India’s utmost holiday destination with amazing backwaters, greenery, authentic hill stations, and naturalistic scenic wonders. Then think about the villages in Kerala how will be there. Villages in Kerala addresses the beautiful attractions and adorable scenic views.

Simply, the villages of Kerala are known for unique tourist attractions and you can experience the villager’s life. However, let’s spot top 5 famous and most visited villages in Kerala whenever you visit.


Kumarakom is a serene village with dotted numerous islands in the backdrop of Vembanad Lake. At Kumarakom, your heart will be stolen due to splendid natural attractions. Everywhere you will be crossed with coconut trees, paddy fields, and mangrove forests.

And the backwater of Kumarakom is another important tourist attraction. Whenever you visit Kumarakom, never miss the pleasure of a boat ride on the backwaters to connect with vicinity natural attractions. The most important places to be visited are Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Aruvikkuzhi falls, Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom Beach, and backwaters.


Nilambur is a famous village in Kerala which is known for its spell bounding natural beauty. It is a very pleasant village with many naturalistic scenic attractions like lush greenery forests with bamboos, rosewood, teak, waterfalls, and also Nilambur is home to world’s oldest teak plantation site.

Mainly, in Nilambur you can experience rich flora through numerous forests and that’s why it is pointed as famous village tourism spot in Kerala. The most visited places in Nilambur village are Teak museum, Conolly’s plot, once maharaja’s residence Kovilakoms, Adyanpara Falls.


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A beautiful coastal village in Kerala is known for the most famous beaches all over the world. Kovalam is a tourist hub for many years due to its imperial natural attractions. Mainly the beaches of Kovalam are known for its calm and still waters, suitable for swimming. Here tourists are mostly interested in herbal body toning massages, sunbathing, Yoga, and Ayurvedic massages activities.

Kovalam is a beautiful place with pleasant beaches, shopping zone near, and Ayurvedic health resorts. Finally, Kovalam is the most preferred destination to be visited in Kerala. The attention-seeking places here are Kovalam, Hawah, and Samudra Beaches, Halcony castle, Neyyar Dam, and Vellayani Lake.


Cherai is a well-known village in Kerala for its famous beach at the northern end of Vypeen Island. Here you can experience the rule marks of Portuguese, Dutch, and British through many heritage monuments. By this, we can say that Cherai is also a historic place near the coastal line.

However, Cherai is another beautiful coastal line village with its most visited beach in the Arabian Sea. The major attractions of Cherai mean Portuguese fort which is in a hexagonal shape, Vyikotta Seminary a Portuguese school, backwaters, Gowreeswara temple, Pallipuram Church, etc. The most interesting part of Cherai beach is spotting of Dolphins.


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Kerala’s most tranquil place means Malampuzha and well-known for its rock-cut garden by Nek Chand. Malampuzha village is very popular village for its pleasantness. Mainly, the major attraction of Malampuzha is its gardens made of plastic cans, tins, pieces of bangles, tiles etc. In one word, this garden is the perfect example of how to turn the worst into the best.

And the other most important places to be visited in Malampuzha are Malampuzha Dam, Siruvani Waterfalls, Dhoni Falls, Malampuzha Rope-way station, and Elivai Malai. You will definitely stick to the beautiful attractions of Malampuzha village destination in Kerala.

Conclusion : Without a doubt, you can pick anyone from the above five destinations to experience a perfect village tourism in Kerala. I hope you will enjoy whenever you visit these places. You will easily fall in love with the destinations in Kerala because it’s like a synonym of natural beauty.


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