Stag Do Activities You Can Do in Amsterdam

A stag do is just another exotic word for a bachelor’s party, which is thrown to celebrate the imminent marriage of the stag or groom. A stag do is usually given by the best man and buddies to the would-be groom.

If you are going to be a best man, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you some great ideas about things you could do with your friends on this special occasion. Especially if you choose to go somewhere abroad.

Arranging a stag do in a foreign country would be tricky hence, so it would be advisable to go through a reputed event organizing company. There are many professional companies who can organize your stag do activities and take care of the whole party, so all you have to do is enjoy. One of the most interesting locations for this occasion is definitely Amsterdam. We truly recommend you to visit this amazing city.

Some of the stag do activities you and your friends can do in Amsterdam are listed below:


It is the sport of traveling through canyons by way of land and water. All outdoor activities are involved. Rock climbing, diving, trekking, are some.


Who doesn’t enjoy taming a beast? A 4×4 drive is an experience not to be missed. It gives you power, an immense power controlling this monster under you. Slipping into gears, full throttle and watch and feel it buck under you while you strain to bring it under control.


Amsterdam has over 30 beers on tap and more than 100 in bottles. Heineken, Amstel, Grolsch, Bavaria, Dommelsch, and Hertog Jan are some of the most well-known. While Heineken may be a hot seller in the rest of the world, in Amsterdam people prefer to drink craft beers and even organic beers. An Amsterdam stag do brewery tour would take you to several breweries for your tasting rounds before you get into the serious drinking part at the “Bierkeller”.


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Everyone has go-karted at some time or the other, but go-karting with your buddies at a stag do is a different ballgame altogether. The winner gets bragging rights, of course.


Amsterdam has many canals about 50 km and 1281 bridges. No wonder it is called Venice of the North-West. The stag do activities include sailing on these in a party boat. When they say party boat, they mean it. Every minute of the ride is a party with bars offering unlimited free drinks, dinner under the stars and the icing on the cake would be the strippers. You can take a day or night cruise – the fun quotient remains the same. For the not so faint-hearted there are naked butlers and waitresses.


When you talk about Amsterdam how can you not mention cheese? Amsterdam and cheese are synonymous. This activity would allow you to experience true Dutch culture by sampling some of the best local cheese. Washing it down with wine is advised by sommelier. A cheesemaker would be on hand to explain the intricacies of each cheese and how they are made. Here you will learn that all cheese is not the same.

The list of the stag do activities in Amsterdam is endless, but here you could find some of the best for your stag party or stag weekend.If you are planning to celebrate the last days of freedom in Amsterdam, check all this fun thing to do and enjoy!


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