OVHC: The Perfect Worry – Free Formula while Travelling in Australia

OVHC The Perfect Worry – Free Formula while Travelling in Australia

You’ve heard of Australia and the Australian way of life, its culture. So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Australia? Is it the Sydney Opera House, Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Gold coast, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Maria Island or something even better?

So, many of you & Brian (My helper – cum – fictional – character) are genuinely impressed with the beauty the Land Down Under has to offer and now, want to go there. So, Brian starts making a mental map of his itinerary! (He’s already imagining himself diving in the Great Barrier Reef though!) Bags – Packed, Camera – Check!, Tickets – Check!, Passport – Check!, All plans on paper – done!, 600 Visitors’ Visa – Check!, Overseas Visitor Health Insurance – Wait, Whaaaat?!

This is not just the case with my character, Brian. All of us, at least a majority of us, tend to plan all we can and be precise to minor details but once, if we fall under the weather, which all of us do; but in this, if we fall ill or sick during our Australian trip, it might not only be a dampener of spirits for you. In addition to striking off lots of things on your bucket list, thanks to rest, you might literally land up in debt if you take into account the high costs of Medical healthcare which you will incur in Australia.

A debt? Is this sentence meant to be a joke? I’m afraid, NOT. Australia has one of the best effective healthcare systems in the world, and it takes pride in providing world – class health facilities and services to its citizens under the Medicare scheme. And, speaking of costs, a private bed and basic facilities in an Australian hospital might cost you ~ 1000 AUD a day. Now, that you’re shock; give a thought, is a 600 Visitor Health Plan truly necessary?

Keep your health aside for a minute! Just forget everything (We’ll get back in a minute) and think that you’ve won some lottery. Now, with this money, you buy a house in a good locality and a car you’ve wanted to have for a while. Now, what’s the first thing you’ll do after buying the house and the car? You’ll insure it, won’t you? Just for a while, consider buying an appropriate OVHC insurance, which suits your needs, so that you can, without worrying, relax, have fun and make each moment count instead of worrying about what happens if you fall sick!  Now, as you can see, having a proper Overseas Health Insurance in place, even if you injure yourself while doing an adventurous activity or fall sick during the trip, you get timely assistance, medical attention and you’re secure financially for high medical costs, while still having that peace of mind.

But there’s a second thought to it. Those countries who have a Reciprocal Health Agreement (RHA) with Australia – such as Malta, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and Belgium have some of their necessary medical costs covered while in Australia.* Also, students on a Student Visa from Finland, Malta, Norway & Ireland are not covered.

*The 405 Visa & 410 Visa applied after December 1st, 1998 won’t be covered.


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So, what does this Visitor Health Cover give you access to?

  • An OVHC gives you access to hospital accommodation in private or public beds for overnight or same day stays, whichever is recommend, and available.
  • It covers 100% of the Medicare Benefits Scheme^^ (MBS) costs of visiting a General Practitioner (GP), specialist fees, intensive care fees, Operation theatre charges, X – rays, tests etc.

Depending upon the type of cover, in case the doctor charges above the MBS rendered for their benefits, you’ll need to settle the difference.

  • In – hospital and out – hospital charges.
  • Emergency ambulance, emergency room and services.
  • Pharmaceuticals covered under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. (PBS)
  • In – patient and Out – patient Diagnostic tests.
  • Surgical prostheses and in many some cases, even rehabilitation fee.

And lots more! (Changes according to the insurer. There might be more/less facilities include in the insurance you buy; it is therefore recommended that you select the best Overseas Visitor Health Insurance in order to cover a wide range of problems)


But, if all such facilities are included, is anything excluded?

  • Treatments or services used or rendered outside Australia.
  • Medical care before you get to Australia.
  • Medications not listed in the MBS – cosmetic or podiatric surgery.
  • Treatment not listed under Medicare.
  • Palliative & Psychiatric care.
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) & reproductive services.
  • Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids & other devices.
  • Bone marrow, renal dialysis, organ transplant, gastric reduction etc.

Now, as you can see, Overseas Health Insurance is your gospel for you & your family’s healthcare. To view the best options, prices, features and compare between the best OVHC policies for your 600 Visitors Visa, don’t forget to visit which gives you the best options you can safely rely upon while visiting Australia. You also get 15 PTE tests for FREE if you purchase a plan from here!


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