7 Most Popular Delectable Cakes for Valentine’s Day Celebrations

7 Most Popular Delectable Cakes for Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Did you ever consider the idea of cutting the cake together with your partner on Valentine’s Day?

If not, think again. There are so many reasons, the occasion calls for the cake-cutting event. Don’t know which is the best cake to send on this sweet dayHere are some of the most luscious cakes that can suit the celebrations of your journey of love.

Red Velvet Heart-shaped Cake

You two lovebirds have gone through several ups and downs to come a long way to be together on this auspicious day. This calls for a celebration and the red velvet cake looks romantic to match this occasion. This is a suitable option if you are all set to propose your beloved for marriage. Just a single bite is all it takes for the person to get hooked. Heart -shaped cake can be one among the best Valentine’s day ideas to win the heart of your sweet-heart.

Chocolate Truffle Delight

When you are all prepared to woo your ladylove on 14th February, it has to be a chocolate cake to bring a smile on her face. Women love chocolates and savory delight is just the right element to ensure your success.

It’s utterly sad if you two are not together on this day for some reason. Yet, it makes sense to send cake and flowers delivery in mumbai to your partner.

Photo Cake to Celebrate Eternal Love

When it comes to making the moments special to create an unforgettable moment, it is worth personalizing your V-Day special cake. If you know the favorite cake flavor, just order a photo cake with the best photograph of you two on it. This also does not limit you from choosing any specific flavor.

Luscious Strawberry Cake for Adorable Young Couple

Young girls savor the tangy-sweet flavorsome cakes. Strawberries are the fruit of love symbolizing Venus, the Goddess of love in Greek mythology. The pink delight is all you need to create the perfect romantic mood on this day. When choosing this cake, make sure it is the flavor loved by both of you. Such a cake best matches with a Valentine’s Day bouquet of fresh-cut pink or peach roses.

Coffee Cake to Celebrate Mature Love

If you two are a married couple, or have been in a relationship for quite some time, it calls for a celebration with the rich taste of the coffee. For those who are caffeine addicts, this the ideal surprise on this day of love, passion, and admiration.

Vanilla and Fruit Topping Ecstasy

For those who are not fond of strong flavors or aroma, the pristine white vanilla cake serves as a divine appetizer. Go for a fresh fruit topping on your cake to bestow health and savory rich experience.

This is one flavor for everyone no matter how long you two have been in a relationship or anything else. Just like the mish-mash topping on such a cake, choose a mixed flower arrangement in your Valentine’s Day bouquet to make an ideal gift pair.

Blueberry Fantasy

For those who have been relishing the regular pineapple or strawberry cakes can take a break this year. If you are all in search of the extra tart, try the blueberry flavor in your cake. Ask for a cake with blueberry jam topping that gives you a break from red celebrations all around.

What if your choices do not match?

This is a dilemma for everyone. No two people are alike nor are their choices especially in terms of taste preferences. All thanks to the cake designers that are capable of preparing twin flavor cakes. Remember the last time you saw a black forest and white forest cake combo heart-shaped cake.

Custom Valentine’s Day Cakes

When ordering flower delivery in Gurgaon on valentine day, ask your online store executive if they can prepare a customized cake of this type or one you prefer.  

There is an endless array of options when it comes to customizing your Valentine’s Day cake.

For instance, if you want to drift apart from the regular chocolate truffle cake, try the chocolate lava cake that pours out the liquid chocolate the moment you pierce it with the knife.

Similarly, you can choose any shape, size or even prefer to go for a designer one and so much more. When you are about to have a big party bash, a layered cake is all you need to suffice the appetite of all your guests on this day.


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