How To Prevent Incidents Of Drowning: Important Water Safety Tips To Know

Important Water Safety Tips To Know

If you think drowning is not a serious concern, think again. According to data gathered from studies conducted by the World Health Organization-

  • In 2019, there were more than 236,000 drowning deaths in different parts of the world as recorded.
  • Almost 50% of all deaths took place in individuals below the age group of 50 years worldwide.
  • For children between the ages of 6 and 14, WHO says that this is the 6th leading cause of death.
  • Nearly 90% of all drowning deaths take place in developing or underdeveloped countries of the world.

This means that death by drowning is a serious phenomenon and should be addressed accordingly. In this article, we are going to look at some major tips that can prove to be helpful to prevent drowning.

List of 5 Major Tips to Prevent Incidents of Drowning

Learn how to swim at an early age-

Data suggests that accidental slips and falls are one major reason why people drown. Experts point out that parents should encourage their kids to learn how to swim from a very young age. Swimming reduces the chances of unnatural drowning by as much as 75%. Knowing how to swim can be helpful in also helping someone who is drowning and does not know swimming.

Avoid risky behavior around water areas and surfaces-

A lot of us like boating or go to the beach to relax. Experts suggest that whenever we are in and around water bodies, we need to follow all the rules and regulations that govern the location. Bad behavior like drinking alcohol or taking drugs when you are swimming or boating should be avoided at all costs. Following rules can help save lives.

Try to always go with someone while swimming-

It is advisable that you never go near water bodies alone. In other words, you should always have company when you are near a lake, river, or pool. This can be helpful when signaling for help in terms of emergency-like situations. If you are alone, try to swim in regions where a lifeguard or others can spot you if you raise an alarm.

Do not Swim in troubled rivers, streams, and fiords-

Being stupid and brash is what lands people in trouble. Many of us are enchanted when visiting rivers, waterfalls, and streams in forests and hills. Experts suggest that if you do not know much about a water body, you should not visit the same at any cost. No matter how beautiful or Instagrammable it looks like, avoiding it is your best option to prevent drowning incidents.

Know about First Aid and CPR at all times-

If you are someone that goes swimming often, you need to know about emergency first aid behavior and CPR techniques. You never know when you would be required to perform one on yourself or on someone who needs it. Practicing first aid is essential if there are incidents of drowning that take place. Performing CPR can help save important lives.

Swimming Lessons should not make you Overconfident

‘I know swimming and hence I will not face any problems swimming in high tide conditions.’

Businesses like hotels, resorts, and pools should also ensure that they have adequate safety notices put up to inform swimmers about the dangers or protocols involved with their customers swimming.

If an accident takes place because of the ignorance or negligence of someone, then the victim and his or her family have the right to hire a drowning accident lawyer.

90% of all drowning accidents take place because of overconfidence. People assume that just because they know swimming, they will be able to save themselves in case of emergencies. However, nature has a funny way of proving everyone wrong.

This is why most experts believe that even though you know swimming, you should follow all the preventive tips to stop you or someone from drowning. Try to stick to safety first and then think about enjoying yourself.

The Bottom Line

Drowning incidents should not be taken lightly. They tend to happen and take place when you are least expecting them. This is why following the security protocols can help you escape from a dangerous incident affecting your life. If you wish to know more about hiring a drowning accident lawyer or filing compensation, please let us know in the comments section below.


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