Pros and Cons of Living in Long Island

Pros and Cons of Living in Long Island

Long Island would surprise anyone who hasn’t been to the area.  It’s more than just an offshoot of NYC and better than a simple vacation city.  Instead, Long Island has everything from endless beautiful beaches to fantastic museums and art galleries. So if you get the chance to move here, consider taking it!  

These are the top pros and cons of the area.

The Cooler Pleasant Summers

For many who are used to living in hotter climates with summers that leave you feeling suffocated and tired, the cooler summers in Long Island can feel amazing.  Not only do the temperatures generally stay below 85, but it’s not too thick or muggy, and there’s almost no mosquito life like there is in warmer climates.

This means you can enjoy going to the beach without baking in the sun and that air conditioning bills in the summer can be famously low. 

Freezing and Icy Winters

Unfortunately, as a trade for the easier summers: the winters in Long Island can be difficult.  Not only is there far more snow than many areas because of the moisture coming off of the ocean, temperatures frequently drop far below freezing.  This means that this wonderful balmy summer vacation destination quickly turns into a tundra that can be hard to deal with for those who aren’t used to it.

If you love winter and cold weather, this can be awesome, though!  The main drawback is the high heating bills which can be hard to deal with.

The Expense of Living Here

Long Island houses for sale are far more expensive than the national average.  Not only because of how close they are to Manhattan but also because the properties built here tend to be larger and have far more money invested into them. 

Unfortunately, in recent years, the inflation rate has been out of control, leading to a sellers’ market that can make it prohibitively expensive to buy a home.  Renting can also be costly but is far more cost-effective for most people.

The Traffic and Noise

The traffic on Long Island is so bad that the Long Island Expressway is often referred to as “the world’s longest parking lot.”  The traffic here is at such a standstill that some robberies are easily caught because they get into traffic and can’t go anywhere.

When you arrive and consider where to work and live, make sure that you time a drive between locations to ensure you don’t end up with an hour-long commute every day.  Traffic can ruin any commute, so plan carefully.

Ease of Access to Entertainment

The Big Apple isn’t far away!  Beyond what you can do in Manhattan, living on Long Island gives you the chance to easily access fun things like museums, art exhibits, and theaters that can’t be found anywhere else.

This allows you to enrich your life and get to know the area and culture intimately.  Many see this as the best reason to move to Long Island, especially if they have kids who want to grow up into creative and intelligent individuals.


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