The Ultimate Guide to Rug Repair

The Ultimate Guide to Rug Repair

Rugs add so much to a home and brand new they look gorgeous but they take on a whole new feel as the years pass. 

If you take good care of your rugs, they only gain value and style. Since they are walked on, drug across and possibly spilled upon, regular upkeep of your rugs is essential.

Unfortunately, there may be times that even the most cared for rug can be in need of repair. Follow this ultimate guide to fix any rips or tears in your favorite rug.

Catch it As Quick As You Can

The earlier you find a snag or unraveling on your rug, the easier it will be to repair it. That is why it is helpful to do regular maintenance on your rugs and check for these minor issues.

When you find a snag or loose fringe, you can get right to fixing it with a simple needle and thread.

When making minor rug repairs, be sure to use a strong thread such as an upholstery thread. Do all sewing by hand because a machine will not be delicate enough for your rug and may cause more damage.

Always sew through the back of the rug and tie off your knots in the back. This will ensure that your repairs are nearly invisible to the eye. 

Learn how you can complete your own minor rug repairs here

Contact a Professional for All Other Repairs

Any repair that is more complicated than a simple unraveling of your rug will need to be handled by a professional or you risk ruining your rug for good.

Common causes of rug damage include water damage, sun exposure, damage from pets or furniture, faulty cleaning, damage from fire or insects, and excessive foot traffic. 

Each type of damage will require a different repair tactic. For example, a water stain on your rug will be tackled differently than a moth eaten area. 

Let’s discuss the varying damages and their required repairs.

Water Damage

If your rugs were a victim of leaking pipes or a hole in the roof, they may have suffered from water damage. If left untreated, these rugs can begin to mold and mildew.

To fix water damage, you should contact a professional rug cleaning service. Lawrence of LaBrea offers a whole suite of rug cleaning services including spot cleaning, handwashing, air drying and even deodorizing. 

Sun Exposure

The best way to ensure you don’t have sun damage on your rug is to protect it from day one. 

You can either place a UV blocking film on your windows surrounding the rug, spray the rug with a protective barrier, or lightly spray your rugs with a saline solution regularly and let it dry. 

This will not only protect your rug from any sun bleaching but it will also protect it from the breaking down of the fibers due to UV damage. 

If you have a rug that has already been affected by sun damage, it may be repairable through some application of dye.

Learn more about how the sun damages your rugs and steps you can take to prevent it here

Physical Damage

Your rugs may get a tear, rip, or unraveling fringe from a rambunctious pet, accidental pulls, or from excessively heavy furniture.

Depending on where the damage is, your rug will certainly require professional rug repair.

This may include the reweaving, refringing, hem stitching. knotting or a combination of these repairs. 

Insect Damage

Similar to protecting your carpet from sun damage, you can take steps early on to prevent damage from moths or carpet beetles. 

This includes regular cleaning and vacuuming but there are some specialty treatments that you can spray your rugs with to kill any larvae and bugs. 

If your rug has already been damaged by insects, a professional rug repair company can undo this damage through reknotting or foundation repair. 

Warping or Wrinkling

At times you may notice that your rug has lost its original shape. If this has happened, you may need your rug to undergo stretching and blocking. 

This will get rid of any warping or wrinkling in your rug and return it to its original splendor. 

When A Rug is Beyond Repair

Much of the damage that is common to rugs can be fixed by a professional, however there are times when your rug is beyond hope. 

How do you know when it’s time to shop for a new rug?

There are certain instances when it is more feasible to just throw out your rug than repair it. 

These include:

  • the rug contains excessive mold that is dangerous to your health
  • the repair would be more costly than purchasing a new rug
  • the rug is out of date and no longer fits your home decor


Proper upkeep and care of a rug is the best way to prevent any damage but accidents and time befall us all. 

You can keep your rug for generations if you follow this guide and search for our professional help when your rug needs it. After all, a rug is a work of art that should be cherished for years. 


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