What is HLR Lookup and why should I use it?

Subscribers often change mobile operators, but still don’t want to lose their number. Now you can keep your mobile number and stay in touch with your family at any time. Clients can use one number, but this situation greatly complicates the flow of your business.

Large companies, banks, universities and other organizations that communicate with their customers and employees need to be able to send messages and calls. When a user changes their number, the organization is left only with an inactive contact, and communication with a specific customer is terminated.

Phone number validation will allow you to identify changed mobile numbers and update your contact database by filling it with active numbers.

How HLR requests Work

Choosing to verify phone numbers lets you know if your database contains valid phone numbers. The software sends a request to the register, and then the service finds out if the selected mobile number is valid. It becomes clear whether the contact is active at a certain moment and which network serves it. If the number was transferred from another network, you will get this information too. You will be able to find out other information about the contact: IMSI, MSC, MCC and MNC.

All mobile operators are connected by one network. It is the basis for sending text messages. Mobile operators also use it to exchange information related to setting up mobile calls, transferring numbers to another operator, and so on. Bulk phone number validation allows you to identify the information you need by sending a request over the network.

Enterprise Web Client and HLR API

The service BSG world has access to the global network. This allows validating international phone numbers and geographic location of customers. High-speed technologies make it possible to search for large groups of users in a huge number of countries. The database contains information about customers who have access to the GPS network.

To access customer information, you can use the corporate portal and search directly within it. Another option is to use the HTTP REST API. Regardless of the method that you select, you will get information about the activity of the client’s mobile number. Special software searches for client numbers in the shortest possible time.

HLR Lookup ROI

The phone number verification software provides data that is updated in real time. It includes:

  • information about the communication operator which your client currently uses;
  • geolocation of the operator and a specific client;
  • mobile country code;
  • network code;
  • international mobile subscriber identifier;
  • the phone number itself.

You will also be able to determine the user’s activity at a particular point in time. Your client could change their number or is in roaming – you will find it out from the provided report. If they have crossed the border and are serviced by a local operator, you will also know it. If your user has changed the operator, you will get the name of the network where he registered for the first time.

Customers may temporarily disable their phone, in which case the messages you send will not be delivered. In this case, your marketing campaign is completely useless, because you cannot know exactly when your subscriber will return to the network. Cell phone number validation will allow you to avoid unnecessary spending on your advertising campaign, and you will be able to send messages only to those customers who are currently active.



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