The Disadvantages And Substitute To Buying Likes On Instagram

The Disadvantages And Substitute To Buying Likes On Instagram

Getting a like on Instagram in an individual’s post is was the followers show a small gesture of appreciation for the post, or in a way agree to the post. The post with high likes, comments, shares, views, etc. ranks higher on the Instagram feed which also shows that the post has quality content. Therefore, certain people run after likes to gain popularity as well as followers. Thus, they make every effort to increase the number of followers by making their profile page attractive through photographs and videos. Still, certain people don’t opt to work hard. Instead, they go for buying likes on Instagram in several ways.

Ways to buy Instagram likes

  • One can create multiple fake accounts and have them like their brand’s name. But this method does nothing to improve interactions.
  • There are several packages available that vary in price from which helps in buying likes on Instagram through their instant delivery of Instagram-like services.
  • An ineffective and risky option is paying a service to get likes from a fake account. But such accounts won’t help to measure one’s true performance.

Reasons why buying Instagram likes is a bad idea

  • If an individual or any organization is buying followers, they generally have to provide their email address at some point. By doing so, they are opening themselves to vast quantities of spam. The aim of the people selling followers can be gaining the email address of a person for spam reasonsAnother way in which buying likes on Instagram likes creates a bad image on an individual’s profile is by making inappropriate or irrelevant comments. These are worse than the “nice picture” comments, which although of little value are at least probably true.
  • Fake followers are not going to spend any money on any company, individual, or organization. Therefore, any company that buys fake followers doesn’t help them. They have zero interest in them and no intention of spending any money on any product or service.

Smart ways of gaining free Instagram Likes

  • If an individual posts incredible and engaging quality photos and videos, they have high chances of gaining free Instagram likes as their posts may appear in the top feed lists.
  • Proper usage of Hashtags on posts, stories, and bios also assist in gaining popularity. They should not be too broad and should be effective in number.
  • Tagging people and brands, when relevant shows how much the user values them and this attracts the attention of the audience.
  • Writing better captions and testing out different variety of content on the profile page is an elegant way to show one’s creativity and attract people.
  • If someone wants to expand their reach, they should not feel shy to like and comment on other posts because it is a good way of interaction and gaining popularity.

Therefore, one should work hard to check their capability and improve themselves rather than buying likes on Instagram and gain popularity.


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