Five Things You Must do on the Morning Of Your Wedding Day

Five Things You Must do on the Morning Of Your Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding day can be quite surreal, exciting and emotional. When you open your eyes, you wake up and think to yourself “this is the day I’m going to get married”… you almost don’t know what to do with yourself. The excitement may make you want to jump from one side to the other, but you also want to be calm for a second and relax your head, don’t you? There will be a lot of things you want to do, but here are the first five things you should do as soon as you wake up on your wedding day.

Drink water

Drinking half a liter of water with lemon will not only leave you feeling fresh and clean inside but is also the fastest way to increase your metabolism during the day. Plus, the lemon will give you the boost you need instead of having to gorge yourself on coffee. It’s tempting to go straight to your morning coffee, but the lemon water option is a fresher, more natural option than caffeine.

Send a message to your partner

If you have not slept together the night before, you may want to take the opportunity to send a cute text before seeing your future husband later. It’s so nice to look back and see in those texts all the “nuptial emotions” of that day that it’s well worth it to get a bit silly with the message;)

Air your dress

Air your dress out of the bag it came in. Placing it on a hanger and hanging it from a door hook or the top of a window will help prevent wrinkling and allow your dress to breathe before entering it.

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Turn off your phone

After you have sent the messages we talked about earlier to your future husband, turn off your mobile! You are the bride, you don’t need to receive calls from anyone (in any case you can leave it said that for important things they communicate with someone who can have easy access to you, like the godfather). Turning off your phone will not only prevent you from answering random calls or messages but will also help you to be 100% present on your wedding day and not be distracted by social networks or the like. Another option, if you don’t see the viability of being completely isolated, is to give it to the sponsor or to someone in particular and let them know that they are the ones who manage what calls you should take and what calls you should not take.

Be still

Take a moment (even if it’s just a whole minute) to relax and look around. Observe the surroundings, your parents drink their morning coffee (or their water with lemon, the weather, the room you are in and everything else. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you will surely want to remember that morning when everything was about to become the craziest and most exciting day of your life.

From the moment you wake up on your wedding day to your new husband’s goodnight kiss, everything is extremely magical, emotional and exciting. You’ll surely be anxious to jump out of bed and get going with everything you have to do, but make sure you enjoy every little moment of that day before being absorbed into the wedding whirlpool. If you do, you’ll win unforgettable memories for tomorrow.

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