Unique Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Condominium Home Pop

Unique Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Condominium Home Pop

Interior design is all about creating the most beautiful and functional home of your dreams. But it is not as simple as it sounds. There are tons of things involved in interior design from choosing the right colors and materials, to sticking to a particular design style, to having the right light and textures in place. With so many decisions to make, one may become overwhelmed and may opt to choose a particular design which they see the most around them thinking that they won’t be able to go wrong with a design that is trending these days. Although that is true, the downside is that you just end up copying a particular theme or style with no uniqueness and character of its own. 

So how do you take a particular design theme and add some uniqueness to it to give it a special character and personality that resonates with you? We will give you the answer to this question by presenting some unique ideas and designs which you can incorporate into your home to create that unique outlook and wow effect. You can hire a professional condominium interior design firm like AC Vision Design and present them with your ideas and they will be able to transform those ideas into reality in the best possible way. So let’s go over these unique ideas and tips to make your home pop.


Install Lights In Unusual Places

Everyone knows that good lighting in the form of recessed lighting, direct lights, spot lights, and other light fixtures help uplift any room’s appearance. But how can you make this aspect of your design unique and different from others? By installing lights in unusual places. You can install spotlights in your walkways through in-floor lighting. You can also install recessed lighting under the bed or some feature walls to create that wow effect.

Add An Under-The-Floor Aquarium

Another unique way in which you can make your home pop is to incorporate an under-the-floor aquarium in the living room or in your entrance pathway. This is a new and unique technique which adds a completely different appearance to the house. You can add all sorts of fishes, coral reefs, and other complementary features in the aquarium to make it look even more beautiful. Just imagine how magical it will feel when you are walking on a glass floor with fish swimming underneath!

Pair Tiles With Wood Floors

Another way to add uniqueness to your home design is to pair shiny, glossy tiles with wood floors in a single area. Usually, people opt for either one of those for a particular room but if they are combined together in a single area, it is bound to turn heads. When it is complemented with amazing lighting, accents, and other prominent features, it will certainly make the room pop.

Install Floating Sink And Toilet Seat

You don’t have to limit your unique design ideas for the living room or the bedroom alone. You can even make unique design changes to your bathroom to give it a modern and stylish look. You can install floating sinks and toilet seats in the bathrooms. This creates more visual space which makes it a good choice for smaller bathrooms. You can even install recessed and indirect lighting underneath these floating fixtures to create a dramatic effect.

Incorporate Rough Textures With Sleek Finishing Elements

It is a well-known perception in the interior design world that adding different layers of textures to any room helps enhance the beauty and depth of its design which otherwise might be looking flat and monotonous. Another way that you can make the textures play to your advantage is to use rough textures and combine them with elegant and sleek furnishings. You can incorporate this style in the living room or you can even add this in the kitchen. You can keep a rough brick wall architecture in the kitchen which will serve as the perfect backsplash to sleek marble or granite countertops.

Old Meets New With Marble Tiles And Bohemian Or Peranakan Tiles

Another way in which you can uplift a common interior design theme is to add some elements from the past with some elements of the trending designs. One such idea could be to combine marble tiles in the bathroom with old-fashioned bohemian tiles or mini peranakan tiles. You can choose a complete wall of the bathroom for these old-fashioned tiles and keep the other walls modern or you can add portions of these tiles in modern, marble tiles. 

Create Accent Walls

Creating an accent wall immediately enhances the appearance and ambience of any room. But why should you limit yourself to creating only one accent wall? You can create two accent walls with different types of lighting to create beautiful effects. You can even use a wall and the ceiling to create similar accents effect which will surely help to give your home a pop and uniqueness.



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