From Traditional to Modern: How to Update Your Dining RoomTable

From Traditional to Modern: How to Update Your Dining RoomTable

Dining at home went through a bit of divergence over the years. Some people developed a preference for the open space that an eat-in kitchen could give, wherein what used to be a separate place for food consumption was absorbed by the food preparation area. Some remained loyal to the idea of a separate dining room, a definitive place to entertain guests in and for a large family to eat together and celebrate holidays.

Modern homes today can have either, and it all boils down to personal preference. What did not change was one fact: the modern dining table is still the focal point of any dining space, whether with or without walls. Updating your dining table establishes the theme for any space or room, and here are some ideas for you to do it.

Neutral but Not Bland

For a more conservative approach to updating your space, you could get a dining set with all-neutral colours. You may be concerned about ending up with a bland and lifeless dining space, but with the correct play on texture, what you would get is something fresh and clean.

Shop for a table made of plain wood but with distinctive graining and add linen or microsuede chairs of similarly neutral hue. A rug would add more texture. If you want to incorporate colour, you can do so with a floral table centrepiece. A crystal chandelier would round out the entire space.

Tasteful Bohemian

If neutral is not your style, a bohemian-inspired space may be more up your alley. Have a wooden modern dining table surrounded by mismatched chairs with different shapes and colours. Just make sure that the disparity in shapes and colours is not too disruptive.

Modern and Rustic

The key to achieving a modern and rustic look for your dining space is mixing your materials seamlessly. You could start things up with a table made of reclaimed wood or one with a farmhouse style. Metal or plastic chairs with bold colours would go well with this table. Polycarbonate chairs are also an excellent choice.

A Touch of Sophistication

Round dining tables are trending these days. A round table with intricate wood veneer top and an artistic or sculptural base would give your dining space a stylish look. Add in designing chairs and a statement chandelier, and you have your sophisticated dining area.

Highly Contrasting Dining Set

Dark wooden tables and chairs with light upholstery look good together. It is visually appealing and makes the room feel welcoming. If in a dining room, hang an oversized artwork for a more dramatic look.

Glass Dining Table

Glass is back, even as a modern dining table. Developments in glasswork technology have enabled manufactures to come up with better and more cost-efficient designs that would look good in any home. Add cushioned chairs with neutral colours for a more contemporary feel. Colourful chairs would also work as long as you add other decors in the space with equally bright and crisp colours.

Using Chairs and Benches

Any style of dining table would look good with a combination of chairs and benches as seats. It gives a less formal vibe but is appealing nonetheless. The set does not have to be symmetrical either. You can have the bench on either of the two sides of the table or on both.


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