How to Find a Good Nursing Bra in Australia

How to Find a Good Nursing Bra in Australia

The Australian government has been actively promoting breastfeeding because it is one of the best and most natural things you can do for your baby. The Australian maternity care system has a wide range of maternity care support and services available for expecting mothers, including antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care.

Australia may be the only country that is also a continent, but living here doesn’t mean you are isolated. You will have too many choices when it comes to most material things you need for you and your baby. If you are shopping for Nursing Bras in Australia, you are in luck because there are many pretty selections.

Picking a sexy and beautiful nursing bra is not vanity but a necessity. A pretty breastfeeding bra will go a long way into making you feel like a hot mom, even when your boobs are engorged with milk. Here are the tips to help you find a good nursing bra in Australia.

Get the Right Fit

Chances are you will be buying your functional and comfy nursing bra during your last trimester. It is best to buy it during this period because your breasts will expand in size as your pregnancy progresses. You may get fitted by a professional to ensure you get the right one.

You must also allow leeway for expansion because boobs do change in size as it fills and releases milk. If you get something that’s too tight, you could end up with skin irritation. The worst is cutting off your circulation and getting plugged milk ducts which can result in mastitis. You’ll know you got it wrong if your breast keeps on popping out of the cup.

Pay Attention to the Material

You will constantly feel a little bit of moisture when you are nursing. Sometimes, milk “let-down” happens spontaneously, and your bra will inevitably get soaked in milk. For best results, choose a breathable fabric that will allow the air to circulate to dry you off. If you don’t get a premium fabric, you may get inflicted by a fungal infection, and your baby could inadvertently suffer from thrush. It is also better to get a seamless bra with no underwires to ensure you don’t suffer from painful chafing.

Look at the Details

When you are shopping for Nursing Bras in Australia, pay close attention to the fine details. You need thicker straps that offer a lot of support. Your breasts tend to get heavy when they have milk. Pick those with sturdy hook-and-eyes that provide room for expansion and adjustment because your breasts will change in shape. If you like wearing breast pads to capture leaking breast milk, make sure your bra comes with an interior pocket where you can sandwich the pads to keep them secure.

Prioritise Easy Front Access

You want a nursing bra that has a clip or snap in the front for quick and easy access to your boobs. When your baby is crying for milk, you want to be able to free your tits fast so your wee one can swiftly latch-on to your nipple. These frontal snaps allow you to hold your baby and unfasten the frontal cover with just one hand.

Final Word

Your nursing bra will help you provide a convenient and discreet way to nurse your child even if you are outside. An excellent bra will help boost your overall breastfeeding experience. Choosing a well-fitting, supportive, comfy, and pretty nursing bra is vital to your breastfeeding journey.


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