3 Ultimate Styling Guide For Men’s Casual Belts

3 Ultimate Styling Guide For Men’s Casual Belts

For most men, a belt is a simple tool used to hold up the pants. But others also consider it as a fashion accessory that helps provide accent and complete their outfits for a more stylish look. It is why picking men’s casual belts may take more than just taking out the first one available in their closet.

If you are like most men who have a hard time selecting the best belt to use for a specific occasion, you need some assistance to address your needs. Here is a detailed guide for men’s casual belts to help you choose and wear the best accessory all the time.

#1: Belt Size 

When buying belts, it is necessary to know your belt size to use it to its full potential. You must avoid getting belts that are too long or too short for your body. As much as possible, you must try on a belt when shopping at a store. It must have several inches in excess to allow you to push through the remaining loop.

If you buy a belt online, you must take advantage of the belt size guide posted on the website. It will let you know which belt size fits you properly. However, you must always keep in mind that brands may either use inches or general sizes for their unit of measurement. To avoid confusion, you may check out your pant size and align it with your belt size.

#2: Texture and Materials

Most men would look for leather when buying belts. It helps provide a sleeker and more refined look, especially during formal events. But when looking for men’s casual belts, you could select from various textures and materials in the market.

One of the most popular choices in men’s belts today is made with suede. Others look for woven belts or embossed/textured belts in different colours. These choices can help brighten your look in an instant. But if you want to keep it classic and simple, you may reach out for belts in black, nude, tan, or brown.

#3: Statement Belts

If you are not afraid to go with the trends, you may choose a brightly coloured belt to go with your outfit for the day. These statement belts will help elevate even the simplest get-up.

But if you plan to use statement belts, you must always keep in mind that the other elements of your outfit must be simple to let the belt shine. You may choose to wear brighter tones of blues or greens to tie up your look. Belts with stripes are also best for this function.

Bonus Tip: Styling Option

Belts are also useful to help you achieve a more flattering shape. If you want your body to look more proportionate, you may choose a belt that has a contrasting shade to your outfit. It will help you pull off a well-balanced look. If you want to look taller, you may choose a belt with the same colour as the rest of your clothes to make your body look elongated.

Wearing a belt is no longer just for keeping your pants up. It can make or break your overall look for the day. So make sure that you choose the right belt properly to make you look good even during casual occasions.


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