Smart Ways To Stage A Special Birthday Party For Your Kid During The Quarantine

Smart Ways To Stage A Special Birthday Party For Your Kid During The Quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world postponed a lot of events to prevent the risk of spreading the potentially fatal disease. Social gatherings like prom, graduation ceremonies, weddings, and other reunions need to be on hold as most countries all over the world have to go on a preventive quarantine to protect everyone from the virus.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate the important milestones in your family. Kids who celebrate their birthdays will usually look forward to all the fun games and activities during their party. They are always excited to blow the candles on their birthday cake and open presents from their loved ones. So do not let the disheartening situation dampen your children’s happiness on their birthday. Order your party supplies online and start setting up a memorable event using these smart party ideas while in the middle of quarantine. A Disney Subscription Box, in fact, is a great idea for such times. Try it. Your kids are sure to love it.

Dress Up The House 

Who said you could not make your home look and feel festive while in the middle of a quarantine? If you have leftover party supplies from your previous celebrations, or if your local supply shop delivers despite the lockdown, put it all over your place to let the birthday celebrant feel extra special. You may hang colourful birthday banners and themed party streamers all over the living room. It would also look good if you fill their bedroom with balloons, so they will be in the party mood as soon as they open their eyes.

Stage A Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Since you cannot invite guests to join your quarantine party, you need to make sure that your kid remains highly entertained throughout the day. Make that fun last for a few hours through a scavenger hunt by hiding all the birthday gifts all over the house. If your child can read, you can make a map to provide clues to help them find the hidden items. For younger children, you can lead them towards the right place using colourful guides.

Put Together A Car Parade 

Since the quarantine took effect all over the world, news agencies started to air heartwarming news about people surprising kids with a drive-by during their birthday. The participants of these car parades usually include some of the closest people in the child’s life. You may call their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to greet them from the car while the celebrant waves to them in the front yard. By doing this, you can still include the people close to your child in their special day.

Prepare A Special Dinner 

For your child’s special day, ask them what they want to have for dinner. Whether they wish for simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ask for your special macaroni and cheese, you must give in to their request for the day. Make dinner more special by decorating the table using their favorite colors. If you still have extra party supplies, you can use it to add more character to your table set-up.

Your child will not have a boring birthday at home during the quarantine period when you consider these brilliant party ideas. If you want more people to participate in your kid’s special day, you can ask his or her favorite people to join a video call and take part in the fun. No matter what the circumstances are, your child will feel your love during the special day because your efforts can make the event memorable.


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