Top 10+ Webtoon Websites you can read BL for free in 2024

Webtoon Websites you can read BL for free

Know here all about Webtoon Websites to read BL in free

As a Bl addict, when you reach this post, I am sure it will not disappoint you. Although you have been desperate to find new free BL works, this article helps you in your search. the latest BL comic titles to add to your already rich BL collection. Then you are in the right place. We will introduce to you 10+ websites where you can read the best Bl Webtoon and Bl Manga of 2024 and 10 great BL sets on Webtoon Naver.

Some of the Lezhin 18+ Bl webtoon or Manytoon Comic give us a different perspective on the Korean Webtoon manhwa industry. Since its inception, Webtoon Manhwa has always been a loser to Manga, Japan’s comic industry has a value. worth $ 4 billion as estimated by Kpmg in 2018. Meanwhile, Manhwa has a much more modest position.

Korean comic production companies are on the brink of bankruptcy, they cannot compete with Japanese manga, anime, hentai, doujins, and free manga online. They need to find a path to light when surrounded by black shadow.

The year 2003 marked a breakthrough when Daum released Manycomic’s first comic book, from which the wave started to rise, new names backed by venture capital funds joined the game and created a Very intense new battle with Japanese Manga.

Here are the top 10+ websites you can read bl for free in 2024

1 – Naver Webtoon
2 – Lezhin Comics
3 – Manycomic Entertainment
4 – Comics
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 – Toomics Comics
10 –
11- Manytoon Comics

10: I Hate You – Lukazu (18+)

This Webtoon series is about a student named Momo, who is tricked into signing a contract by his roommate, Kurokawa, who is tricked into signing a contract one night, because he has to follow Kurokawa’s orders until the contract ends. term, or Momo has to pay an amount to break the contract. But until the real contract ends, what else are the two of each other?

9: Rain (BL) – Anotheryou

This webtoon is about a guy who has an allergy to rain, so he always avoids rain as if avoiding evil. Then one day, he met the “crush” of his life, because that person, on the contrary, always wished the rain never stopped. This story creates a lot of bittersweet emotions and the entire cast of characters is adorable.

8: Valuable Item – Buruno Saiodo (18+)

New episodes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week so you don’t have to wait too long. The content tells about a handsome demon who buys a baby (boy) Earth person in an auction, with the purpose of being “sex slave”. And then they did a lot of things “beyond their imagination”. This set is both funny and lovely, the more you read, the more attractive you cannot miss.

7: Guard Dog u (18+)

This webtoon manhwa is a little different from regular BL, but we guarantee the plot is excellent. It is about a scientist named Kerin being sent to a world that is approaching the apocalypse with the raging zombie epidemic. His mission is to take care of the infected people, including a special patient named Axel.

6: Where Is My BL Story

Ayato Keiichi is a “gay” but always craves to taste the taste of sex like in the BL series he often reads. Then he attended high school at a boy’s school … and the first day of school, he met Kazama Riku, a friend who is always bright and bright. But no one expected behind the boy’s smiling face is a tragic past. Will Keiichi find the “prince” of his life? The story belongs to the comedy (comedy) and drama (drama) genre. READ ON TAPAS. [Read from top to bottom]. Updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

5: Stalker Boyfriend (18+)

This set is relatively new (as of 2019). Reading the description seems quite humorous and the drawing is quite beautiful in a romantic style.

Louie falls in love with his professional sportsman, Rein from the same university, and it wasn’t until his best friend Jinwoo challenged him to confess his feelings to Rein. But then something unexpected happened …

4: Love Lesson

The story is about Akamine Natsuki, a high school student who is extremely shy about socializing and yearns for only one thing in the world, that is to have “true love”. There is a part in the story that makes me cry, it’s very extreme

3: Obnoxious Hero-kun (18+)

Among the comic books in general and BL in particular that I have not mentioned in this article, this must be called the “cool bl” the most I have ever subscribed to. The content is about a guy named “hot boy” of the class – Hiro and his friend Takashi – the classmate just wants to “invisible” to avoid the market. Temporarily telling that, but even more, I lost sight of H.

2: Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme’s Perfect Body

This is the Bl series that speaks to my soul and is the best manhwa in any BL story I’ve ever read. This story does not open with the usual male-male love, but is about a girl named Misaki Nanase who is crazy about BL related things with Yaoi (she calls herself the ultimate all-powerful Queen Fujoshi. The Milky Way dominates all dimensions of space). After rescuing an old lady from a car crash, she is given a necklace capable of giving her any wish. Can your young girl’s soul guess what that wish was?

1: Our Omega Leadernim

An objective cacha that said, this set is the fan fic of Taekook. The author himself admitted that the story is based on the original BTS, but the character’s name has been changed. This set follows an alpha, beta, and omega motif. The story revolves around the gang leader Choi Jinsoo (a prototype from Kim Taehyung) is a closed omega living in the alpha world. Besides protecting the territory, his duty is to protect Han Seunggyo (the original from Jeon Jungkook) and hide his omega identity from Seunggyo. The character line also has many inspired people from BTS members, such as Park Minhyuk (prototype from Park Jimin) Choi Hyungseok (prototype from Kim Seokjin). If you want to learn “behind the scenes” of the series, they have another one called “Our Omega Leadernim!: Behind The Scenes”, if you are exited then watch this series.Those are all 10+ great Bl nominations. Please share your thoughts on these series, and if there is any series you want to suggest more, remember to comment on the title below, if you have read it, I will add a review.

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