Wedding Day Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Day Makeup Dos and Donts

Your wedding day will probably be the most important day of your life. However, it can just as easily be the most stressful one too. All of this stress about catering and guest list can start showing up on your face if you don’t relax and calm down.

However, while we focus on the non-glamorous aspects of the wedding, we often forget that your makeup too will require similar kind of organization.

To help you prepare for your wedding trousseau, we bring to you some exclusive do’s and don’ts from the Best Makeup Artist In Jaipur. Use these tips to stay in full control of your appearance on the final day!

Drink up

And we don’t mean the celebratory wine! Even if you are indulging in the occasional alcohol before your wedding, make sure you offset it with drinking plenty of fluids, especially water. Makeup will work wonders if your skin is naturally hydrated and moisturized from within. So wedding makeup experts recommend that the brides-to-be should increase their water intake in the run up to their wedding. Believe it or not, it really does work like a charm! Drink no less than three liters of water at least two weeks before the D-day and you will yourself notice the difference. The radiant glow will be unmistakable and noticeable by everyone.

Start your skincare routine early

Even before you start thinking about the makeup, you should consider getting a good skincare regime. According to professional makeup artists, this would be a good time to invest in a toner that will help you reduce breakouts by removing dead layers of skin. At the same time, don’t forget to use copious amounts of good moisturiser to keep your skin soft and supple. If you have a very dry skin type and you are slated for a winter wedding, then you should also consider adding a very heavy night cream to your routine.

Use the primer

Many makeup artists call primers an unnecessary step. However, when done the right way, they can make your makeup last for a very long time. Primers in your skin care will not only guarantee a long-lasting finish but also keep you looking bright and radiant. Talk to your makeup artist about using a primer to seal your final look and to give your skin a radiant glow of a happy bride!

Be generous with the sunscreen

Don’t risk venturing out in the sun without a layer of SPF. Do you really want to battle dark spots and uneven skin tone on your wedding day? Remember to slather yourself with a thick layer of sunscreen protection before you outside. You should also use other protective gears such as a hat, scarf etc. to cover any exposed part of your skin.

Blend, blend, blend

Your makeup artist should match your foundation with your skin tone and skin type to give you the look you were hoping for. If you have a dry skin, then look for a satin or glow finish. This type of foundation will make your skin look smooth. For someone who has an oily skin type, you should consider using a products that have matte finish as they mix your skin’s natural oils to make you look more natural. However, the real trick is to blend it all with absolute perfection and this is where your makeup artist comes in. So make sure you have thoroughly consulted and tested your makeup artist to ensure that they have the products that match your skin type. Even though it seems a bit obvious to point out, but make sure they are blending the makeup down to your collarbone to create a more unified look.

Apply makeup in natural light

Natural light is incredibly flattering on all skin tones. Therefore, the safest way to apply makeup is to do it in natural light. Sit facing a large window so that you avoid harsh shadows and get even lighting for perfect makeup application.

Avoid contouring

Many YouTube bloggers have glamorized contouring but most wedding photographers and makeup artists will agree that you should avoid it on your wedding day. The lines can be visible and show up on smartphone photography.

Use waterproof makeup

As an Indian bride, you know there will be a lot of crying in the end and the last thing you want is to leave with streaks of black on your face! You can avoid that by using waterproof makeup. Even if you are not the crying type, wedding makeup should be waterproof to avoid smudging due to sweat.

We suggest that you discuss these basic do’s and don’ts with your makeup artist to ensure that you look every bit as the bride you want to be!


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