3 Reasons Why You Should by Clothing That Are Made in New Zealand

3 Reasons Why You Should by Clothing That Are Made in New Zealand

Patriotism comes in all shapes and sizes. Any government and citizen in the world would try their best to promote the products made in their own country. It comes with helping their local economy and comes with free bragging rights. However, many states lie about the actual manufacturing origin and simply use the mantra of “locally” made to lure consumers into buying. That is and never will be the case for New Zealand. There have been initiatives made to attract local and foreign visitors to purchase Kiwi products. They even have logos marked all through the variety of products that are made within the nation. These are three reasons why you should buy clothing that is made in New Zealand.

New Zealand and its Ethical Norms

Many people have been supporting New Zealand products because of their quality. They do not cheap out on materials just to save a penny. The country is rich with resources. Local materials are sourced from within the region, as well as labor. Many clothing products are made from natural fibers, such as New Zealand wool. Most of these fibers are also biodegradable, allowing a natural harmless and toxic-free decomposition. There are rare shortages in the production of high-quality clothing since the natural fibers are renewable. When you are on the hunt for soft and comfortable clothing, purchasing from New Zealand guarantees that you are supporting ethical and environmentally positive businesses.

Care for Environment

New Zealand takes terrific care of mother nature. New Zealand clothing has been hailed as one of the best in the world thanks to its premium quality wool. The businessmen and businesswomen of New Zealand do not only take care of its customers but also their animals. Supporters have claimed that when an animal is treated right, it shows on its furs and skins. The proof is found in the finished product.

There are many uses for the fantastic quality that New Zealand wool produces. Every winter, the Kiwi sweaters, and scarfs keep millions of people from getting too cold. During the COVID 19 pandemic, many face masks and filters were made in New Zealand to protect people locally and internationally. Using ethical wool and other organic fibers, they were able to create natural enjoyable and breathable products.

Supporting Local Businesses

There are also thousands, if not millions, of hardworking locals doing their best to provide quality products for consumers. Whether they are micro, small, or medium enterprises, there is a level of humane action that is always there to provide excellent service. Regardless of nationality, you will have a great time dealing with New Zealand citizens. They are known to be supportive and easygoing, which is rooted in their culture. These two are essential values when working in a service-oriented industry like sales. One study showed that 90% of migrants found Kiwis to be hospitable. One thing is for sure, no matter what nationality a person carries, the desire for everyone to live comfortably is paramount to all. Helping a New Zealand product means assisting another human being in doing his or her best to live a decent life.

Have Purchases Delivered to International Locations

If you are in the market to shop New Zealand products for the comforts of your home, Jetkrate is a product forwarding service that allows international clients to purchase and receive products from New Zealand. You may visit the Jetkrate Shop Page to find some of our partnered stores for product purchasing. However, you can purchase from any other stores in the NZ and have Jetkrate to ship them to your address in another country. To request assistance, Jetkrate offers 24/7 customer service by filling up a contact form.


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