10 steps that ensure a successful escape room adventure

successful escape room adventures

Escape room games are driving the nation crazy as everyone wants to test their intelligence and skills to escape on time. Want to know what ensures successful escape room adventure? Want to know how to be 100% efficient while playing escape room games? Are you wondering how others did it?

Well, for beginners the escape rate is low. A lot of people lose this game due to silly errors while solving puzzles or searching the KC escape room. To be efficient in playing escape KC you need a good strategy. Those who always win have tried more than 10 escape rooms before and knows the nitty-gritty of the game.

Despite challenges, the immersive entertainment game attracts people because of fun. It elevates mood and relieves stress but there are several steps that ensure success in the mind-bending, thrilling game. Before you try one check out the ten steps that ensure a successful escape room adventure.

We all love escape room in the Kansas city and participate in this game wholeheartedly. Yet, most groups fail to escape the room whether they are novice or expert. People enter the room with 100% excitement and soon get bewildered not knowing from where to start the game.

Lack of clarity about the logic to apply, way to solve puzzles, and how to search the room are the great barriers to effective utilization of 60 minutes.

If only the game is arduous and daunting then why will you get just 60 minutes to solve? All you need is to focus on obtaining clues and solving them strategically.

“Strategy” is the word people often forget and build up misconceptions that an escape room game is all about smartness and intelligence. Working step by step and solving problems will ensure successful escape from escape room, overland park.

Based on reviews and experiences from various players I have noticed certain steps that work wonderfully for players of all age groups. Read on the 10 steps for successful escape room adventure –


Step 1: Research and book

Conduct thorough research on escape room games in Kansas City and see what results you get. Try Google map to find the KC escape room nearest to your house and use Yelp to compare with other rooms.

Read the reviews and customers feedback to choose the escape room theme that will satisfy your interests. You can easily find the success rate and the level of difficulty associated with each escape room.

If you are a beginner, then you should opt for a less complicated theme to get the hang of it. Once you gain the confidence you may choose for scary themes for the intense challenge, fun, and joy.

Do heartthrob research and scroll through the Twitter and Instagram posts to dig out the suitable themes to play with friends, lover, and parents. It will assist you to choose the escape room wisely before embarking on to the adventure of the game.


Step 2: Follow the website

Once you have decided to visit a particular escape room follow their website for further details. You can check out their social media pages for special offers and discounts before booking the game.

Keep yourself updated by activating the notifications and grab the best deal for your selected escape room in Kansas City. Even if you get a promo code of say $5 off – will you not want it?

You may also discuss with your friends and cool cousins about your plans to catch hold of some lucrative offers and promo codes. By joining them you may save a hole in your wallet and make most of your visit.



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Step 3: Pick the right team

Ensure that your besties are equally crazy about solving puzzles or cracking codes just like you. You must know the innate talent, strength, and weakness of your friends before taking them in your team.

Escape game is not just playing with smart people because comfortability and compatibility also play a significant role.

You will never be able to escape the room within 60 minutes if there is no coordination among each other. It will only lead to chaos, tension, screaming and frustration where you have just five more minutes left.

Team size is another critical factor for your success in escape room adventure. Make sure you build a team that does not exceed or fall below the maximum limit. Always choose members in odd number so that you can split evenly.

Imagine how confusing it will be if 12-15  members are running frantically in a room, which cannot fit more than 10 members. Do you want such a headache? If not then pick up the right team. For me, a group of 6-8 members works wonderfully.

Step 4: Make an effective plan

You need to plan and plan effectively how to build team at escape game or divide and conquer and ways to communicate.

Remember that all you have is 60 minutes in the escape room Kansas city so, make each second worth it. If you are not planning, then you are indeed playing to lose the game.

You can watch some online videos, learn some game tactics and plan to have a full hour of enjoyment and entertainment.

KC escape room is all about teamwork so, plan in a manner where each member can leverage the benefits of the adventure game. Make sure that everyone has a shared experience and a memory that lasts long.


Step 5: Listen to the rules and guidelines

Be on time else you will miss the gamemaster’s rules and regulations. This is the most crucial step that determines the success in this thrilling game.

Listening to the gamemaster’s instructions is valuable as chances are there you will get interesting hints. You may also learn some do’s and don’ts, which will save your precious time and enhance the scope of winning.

Rules and regulations will help avoid maddening conditions and unnecessary exasperation when you encounter challenges.

The ultimate goal is to have fun so, why not listen to the instructions and make most of it. Active listening means less number of errors and more accuracy in solving the game.


Step 6: Pay attention to details

The moment you start the game does not get lost in the beauty of the rooms, lighting effects or the attractive props and objects. Remember that there is no time for lollygagging and you must start acting right from the first minute.

Search every nook and corner of the room as if you are Sherlock Holmes and do not invest more than 5 minutes in it. The very next step is to split up, move around, collect things and catch hold of mind-blowing puzzles.

So, you cannot spare time for appreciating the aesthetics – something, which can be postponed for lunch/dinner time conversations. So, be proactive and try to analyze the room while connecting with the storyline.

You need a good eye for details as the objects you need to solve other puzzles may be hidden in peculiar places. Strategize who will monitor time, solve puzzles, and relay information between groups.



Step 7: Be positive and deterministic after split up

Start playing the mysterious game with a positive mindset as you already know that you will feel anxiety and frustration after splitting up with the team.

Embrace the struggles because you all will work independently towards the common goal. Also, you must be helpful to others facing the hurdles.

Being confident in your communication and problem-solving skills will make a world of difference in the escape room. It will help you bond quickly with the strangers in your team, work with excitement and enthusiasm.

Take a deterministic approach when you feel stuck in any particular moment to keep the negative thoughts at bay. Else doubts will creep in your mind and decrease your self-esteem.

So, be consistent while passing each step successfully and you will surely leave the room 5 minutes before the allocated time.


Step 8: Effective communication with group and gamemaster

Communication is extremely vital to ensure successful KC escape room adventure. Learn to yell out loud and communicate with the team about the clues and codes you have discovered.

You may have found a key that your friend in another side of the room is searching eagerly to open a lock. If you quietly keep the key inside your pocket, then it will waste the time of your friend. You must work as a team to understand the significance of the items you encounter on the way.

There is nothing to be ashamed of taking help as your friend may have the skill to solve what you couldn’t. So, never hesitate and drop your ego when taking help as later you too can help someone in the team.

You must also communicate with the game master when you are in trouble and seek help. It is natural that you may have forgotten a vital instruction given by the game master during the introduction.

Step 9: Stay Organized

Organizing things is a little difficult but not impossible while playing the game intensely. Especially when you are experiencing an adrenaline rush, it is obvious that you will work frantically to complete all the puzzles before 60 minutes.

When the timer is ticking it is not surprising that players make a mess,  flip rugs or misplace bins, locks, keys, and some collected clues in the escape room.

Disorganization in escape KC means failure and risk of accidents. So, better stay organized to avoid breaking any item. If you make the room look like a scene after the massive earthquake you may get a penalty.

All you need to do is to pile up used and unused objects in different places to keep track of the progress. It will reduce confusion and tension and help you better focus on remaining puzzles.


Step 10: Have fun

Please do not feel like a failure if you could not escape within 60 minutes. Escape room games are all about having lots of fun and taking pleasure in cracking codes.

Do not make victory as the only motive of playing the real-life adventure games!  Think about the broader picture and you will see plenty of experiences to take home with you forever.

You can enrich your team building skills, strengthen relationships with friends and family, burst your workplace stress, and enjoy adrenaline rush while playing the escape games.

So, even if you lose the game, you have many fun moments to carry home and cherish them until your next visit.

The thrilling game is designed for pure entertainment from start to finish although it seems to be nerve-racking. It is a complete waste of time and money if you are not enjoying the escape room game.



Escape rooms may not seem easy at all if you are a beginner. But, by using the above ten steps you can make sense of the tons of details inside the room, which will ensure a successful escape room adventure.

A good research and strategy will surely give you success else you will stumble and waste time. Planning things beforehand will make you more tranquil, eliminate quarrels with friends, save time and increase the chance of winning.

You can be more fast and efficient when you gain experience as well as come up with many new ideas. So, try out different escape rooms in Kansas City and experiment with your team to become a better player.

Remember you are here to enjoy the game and fun pastime. So, if you do not win in one location there are, many more to try. Keep up the spirit and positive mindset and do not be upset about your best buddies for losing the game.

Let us know about your experience and memories. We will be glad to hear your feedback and wish you a good luck!


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