Couples, Don’t Make These Mistakes While Wedding Planning

You are eating Dal Makhani that you just ordered, sitting on your couch and watching a series on Netflix, and it is around 9 pm. Soothing wind is flowing and coming out to your balcony, you are thinking about your daughter’s marriage, which is in 15 days.

Bit tension on your face, wrinkles form on your head, you are worrying how you do it, how all get done, lot to do, and you haven’t started planning yet.

The most difficult task is about finding vendors. Because it is hard to find good vendors that provide quality services because it is both the question of money and as well as services. No one wants bad services in giving good amount of money.

If you get treated in this way, you definitely get deceived by your vendors. These are the wedding planning mistakes that families and couples make in booking vendors and in other services that they should not do it.

So here are some biggest mistakes that you should not make while wedding planning:

Honor their hard work & don’t forcefully negotiate

Wedding planning is costly business and also hard work but it is not the two sides of a coin while it is only one. If wedding planners are doing hard work for you setting up everything in the wedding, then they deserve what they demand money wise. When your wedding gets done, you should not force them to negotiate while you have already fixed and agreed on the price.

It is like they work very hard, committed and honestly, and at the end you ask for lowering their price! It is like hanging them. Don’t do it. It creates not honest image of you in their mind and next time when any work you need from them hoping that they treat you the same way as treated you earlier, then don’t expect that. You are not in their good clients’ list.

Don’t forget about deals & discounts

When you hire a wedding planner, couples often forget about deals and discounts that a wedding planner can provide you. But you forget to ask so they don’t tell you. Sometimes wedding planners play smart. You don’t know that deals and discounts are available in your package or complimentary.

When you sign any contract for wedding planning services, read the tiny letters at the bottom. All hidden are describe there. With deals and discounts your money gets save. Deals and discounts could be anything like free ironing of up to 5 clothes per room per day, 5 drinks free at bar etc. So if you want deals, just ask your wedding planner.


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Helping a little

Wedding décor is not a pizza thing. It takes really very hard work to create a décor according to couple’s imaginations. Wedding planners just lung out their all breath giving shape to your imaginations and you just cough out saying you don’t like what they have created for you. Yeah, definitely it could be that you really don’t like their work. Even a simple thing like you would want white chair covers for weddings would be a tremendous help for them to draw up a whole design plan for the wedding.

It happens but you should assist them little bit as comfortable as you can. Assisting a little doesn’t belittle you and it also is not the case that you have given money so you can just yell at them whenever you want because they are not servicing as you want. It is your wedding and giving a hand of help make it more perfect.

No compromise in photography

You should always knot this thing in your mind that your wedding photography must be best creatively. Never compromise on that. Discuss with your wedding planner about this that what your photographer has given instructions for setting up creative photo spots.

They should be built as instruct by the photographers. And small details should never be miss out. They add charm. So they should not be ignore.

So above are the mistakes which couples and families definitely should not make while wedding planning. You should go calm and with peaceful mind for wedding planning. It is not any war that you are so overwhelm and in stress.

Plan early, plan best and if something is not going as you want, move your boat in other direction!  And if you are looking for best wedding planners in Jaipur, there are best, experienced and professional wedding planners available in the city.


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