Top 10 Reminder App Ideas for Android Users!

Top 10 Reminders Android Apps

All of us would agree that smartphones really have been the influential invention that has changed our lives upside down over the years. Everything that we do or love to do has come to smartphones and can be done easily. In addition, it has also helped us make our lives more automated than ever. And, when you combine smartphones with the always-available internet connectivity, you can’t really ask for a better combo. One major convenience that smartphones have provided lies in the fact that they never let us forget anything important. There are plenty of reminders apps available to smartphone users using an Android device and it’s just the matter of picking the best among the lot to take notes and set reminders to make your life more synchronized and well-organized.

You would say that there are other solutions available as well like you can set online alarm and take care of everything efficiently even when you are too busy with your work. Well, you are true, but it would be even better to have a solution that you can carry everywhere with you. So, we have listed some of the best reminders apps here that you must take a look at.

  1. Tick Tick

Though the app is not just dedicated to reminders, and focuses more on calendars and organizing to-do lists, you must keep in mind that reminders apps go hand in hand with to-do list apps. So, you shouldn’t be avoiding cool reminders apps just because they have more functionality to offer. Tick Tick uses account sync feature to offer its services on several devices and can be used both on mobile and web.

  1. Reminders

It’s a perfect application for those on the lookout for both simplicity and freedom on their Android device. So, to keep things simple, unlike many other full suites on the list featuring lists and calendars along with everything else, Reminders only focuses on keeping track of everything you need. You can use a simple menu interface to input your reminders by entering reminder titles, alert date, alert time, and then saving the entry eventually.


Reminders Apps That Android Users Can Rely On


  1. Todoist

Todoist is among the go-to Android apps for everyone’s productivity needs. Though it may not be the first-choice reminders app for many, it still can handle your tasks surprisingly well and remind you of everything that is important to you before it’s too late. You can use Facebook and Google to login and can then set your reminders from there on.

  1. do

It’s quite similar to the one above and offers same login options and also the premium features as well. However, there are still some major differences that set the two apart. First of all, you have to use the premium account on right from the word go. Secondly, the app has a different user interface altogether and it’s also different in the way you interact with it. It also makes things easier to browse by sorting your reminders in Upcoming, Today, Tomorrow and Someday tabs.

  1. BZ Reminders

The flexibility that this wonderful app offers is just impeccable. Initially, you’d find it quite a basic app but its focus on getting all details right simply makes it a hot favorite among workaholics. There’s a big red button that you can hit any time to set reminders. For very basic reminders you have to enter a title, date and color theme. However, there are other options like contact, phone number, etc. available as well.


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  1. Google Assistant

If you’re not looking for a dedicated reminders app from Google like Google Keep, this is the one you should go with. If something simple and convenient is what you need, you just need Google Assistant to take care of your reminders. You can set reminders with the help of search function from Google, typing “Remind me to” and then entering what you want to be reminded of. You will them be prompted to input your reminders into the Google Assistant app. Specific date and time can be set and the reminder must be confirmed once you have finished typing.


Android Reminders Apps


  1. Life Reminders

It’s another strong app that tracks reminders for you. There are three different categories in which all your reminders are divided including General, Active and History. The completed or archived reminders usually go into history tab as it helps to keep the active tab more clean and focused.

  1. Remember The Milk

It’s true that everyone’s looking for something different in reminders apps. Some like things to be very basic and simple while others look for a bit more powerful app. Well, Remember The Milk gives you a perfect mix of the two types of apps. It’s powerful enough to fully manage the reminders for you and simple enough that it doesn’t disturb your routine life and everything is accomplished fairly easily.

  1. Google Keep

If the app described above is too powerful for you in general use, you can always go with Google keep. It comes with a post-it-note-like interface to offer you bare bones type reminders feature. It is just too simplistic but still gives you a place for jotting down notes, keep ideas, and obviously setting your reminders.

  1. Evernote

Similar to Google Keep, it’s another notekeeping app that focuses a bit less on reminders. Using Evernote you can always sort the notes into the notebooks, letting you to put the to-do lists and reminders outside the class notes that you have kept on the same Android device. Nevertheless, the reminders aren’t too limited either. And, even though it’s not a dedicated reminders app, it still offers a robust reminders system as well.

So, if you have been in a habit of forgetting important stuff, you should better get one of these apps installed on your Android device. Whether it is just for taking simple reminders or you need a more robust system with syncing options and everything else, you will find something that fits your specific needs. Just make sure you have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for and make the pick accordingly.


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