Top 10 Effective ways to Increase your Mobile App Visibility

Top 10 Effective ways to Increase your Mobile App Visibility

Grabbing the attention of potential users is one heck of a tedious job! With the amount of growing apps, you must remember to create an app or to add features to your already existing apps as much unique as possible. The uniqueness and the quality always stand out in a crowd. There also are many effective yet simple ways through which you can make your app stand out and visible to many users.


It has become more prominent and darn clear that any advertisement of any sort, as long as it is attractive, for sure, grabs at least a minimum number of customers. Hence, the app developer’s after ensuring the quality of their app and its features immediately seek the very next important step of advertising their apps. Now, it’s of no wonder that the increase in the number of customers benefits the app developer more than anything.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here’s the catch, though. Where there is search there will be search optimization. There is difference between the search engines used in the apps and in the web.  However, there are similarities between ASO (App Store Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and hence, if an app is ranking number one in the app store then it most likely would rank number one even in the web too!


The basic thing is to research the keyword that would be required for your app. There some keywords which if typed in would link up with the apps in the app store. Then, comes your app’s design. The icon, precisely, should really be a attractive one, trust me. They would say not to judge a book by its cover. But, when people come across your app, it should be worthy of their second glance. But, while concentrating a lot on the design do not forget the fact that it should related to the content of your app. For example, let us take Amazon Kindle, the app is meant for reading books and suffice to say the design cover of the app would be a boy sitting and reading a book. But, do keep in mind not to color with all shades of colors that are available. We don’t want to pull out our user’s eyes out now, do we?!

Ratings and Reviews

Take whatever business, product, app or anything, ratings and reviews contribute a major portion to them in getting more customers. The higher the amount of positive ratings and reviews, the higher would be the amount of users that would be drawn towards downloading the app and the app’s visibility to the users.  The ratings and reviews also give confidence to new users to purchase the product as they would be having an insight regarding the workings of the app.

At the same time, these are the most valuable one that the user expects before downloading the app from the concerned app store in order to know its performance. It also helps new users know everything in a better way. Reviews play a vital role and it is seriously beyond our expectations. High-quality brands are the most expected ones and it is an applicable one when it comes to the point of reviews.  There are two efficient ways to enhance the app visibility such as reward the users for the exclusive reviews and also the option of “Rate our app”.

Backlinks and installs

The backlinks would be a very essential key factor for the increase in visibility of your apps. The Mobile App Marketing team encourages the app developers to have a backlinks of some sort either in their website store or in their app’s description so that if there arises problem or if they want to download the app the users would be directed back to the app store.

Not only this, but the backlinks helps to stabilize and even to improve the frequency in the number of installs. The more the number of installs increases the more would be your profit.

Social Media

This is a really great onset for those who want their app to get more popularity. Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and much more are one among the widely used set of apps around the globe. Create profiles in them for your app and add a link in your profile which when clicked upon would redirect people to your app downloading profile.

Media and Press Release

We have already seen some stupendous advertisements for certain apps in the television which boosts the number of customers for them at a rapid pace. Televisions are watched almost by half of the world’s population and hence creating a running advertisement and telecasting it would give your app a great kick start!

Some television channels may advertise your app along with the links too. All you have to do is to create a press release and send it to general and specialized media. There are many agencies which would do this job for you with an agreed price. If you really have budget then, you may very well go for it!

Guest Blogging

You can partner up with other websites or apps from your sector and write a guest post on their blog. Such posts usually include the links to the app or the owner’s website per se. Or you can even approach a company and ask them to write a guest post on your app’s content for you in exchange for a fixed price.


Host or collaborate with events in your sector and get links from the congress or event link up to your website. They link back to your Google app store or app store and it would add a great reference when people search for your app’s related contents.


List your startups in various platforms like Startup ranking etc. They would in turn give you backlinks of very high quality for your website or mobile app. Such references are actually too cool to even deny!


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