Different Solutions To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Problem

Different Solutions To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Problem

Know here how To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Problem

Today there is a rapid change in the smart technology, and people use it for everything like from dialing to viewing images in their phone’s gallery. But whenever your iPhone’s touchscreen isn’t working correctly, you might feel frustrated.

However, there are a lot of reasons why your iPhone (6, 6S, 7, 8, 8+, XR, 11 and other) touch screen might stop working or stop responding.

What are the causes?

Before we get to the solutions, we first need to understand the reasons why the iPhone touch screen doesn’t work. The problem can be broken down into software and hardware.

  • The digitizer is the glass cover attached to the LCD screen of the iPhone, which converts all actions like swipe, touch, etc. into different signals that the device can understand. This digitizer is usually replaced because it stops working due to many factors.
  • Another reason why iPhone touch screens don’t work is the software problem. You need to find out which software is not working—usually one or more installed applications that may be causing the problem.

Fortunately, there are also many ways to resolve these issues. So, here we have listed some points to fix the iPhone touchscreen issue with different solutions.

Method 1: Clean your screen and fingers

If the screen is covered with dust and dirt, the screen touch sensor is more likely not to recognize your finger or touch and can cause an iPhone touch screen problem. So, make sure the iPhone screen is free of dust and dirt particles.

Aside from cleaning the screen of your iPhone, also make sure your fingers are clean and not wet or oily. If necessary, wipe up-off your fingers before touching the phone screen again.

Method 2: Restart / forced restart

When the touch screen of your iPhone does not respond, perform a forced restart instead of the usual software restart/reset.

If your iPhone touch screen responds again after performing a hard restart/reboot, you may need to consider implementing the following procedures to get rid of the triggers.

If the problem is not in hardware, then there might be an issue with the software. So, to prevent the problem from coming back, you need to eliminate the trigger, including bad applications, bugs and malware, broken files or corrupted data.

Also, performing the following procedures can help eliminate these factors and thereby stop the unresponsive screen problem or the touch screen from working again.

  • Update your iPhone applications and software to the latest version
  • Delete / Remove all suspicious files and messages
  • Uninstall old and unnecessary applications
  • Reset all settings on your iPhone

If the touch screen does not respond nor does not work after a forced restart also, your next option would be the software problem. Just follow the procedures below.


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Method 3: Software updating/ removing or uninstalling

 A small software problem on your phone may be the reason why the touch screen of your iPhone does not work. In such a case, troubleshooting the software can help to fix the touch screen problem.

If your iPhone touchscreen stops responding after downloading or updating a particular application, that application may be the cause of the problem. Try removing it and reinstalling it or you can follow the below steps to delete an app.

  • Start the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap General
  • Tap iPhone Storage, then select the app you want to delete.
  • Tap Delete application.
  • Finally, tap on delete application to confirm the action.

If you still find that your iPhone touchscreen doesn’t work after reinstalling the app, reset your phone completely. You can also contact the app developer to fix the problem in the future update.

Method 4: Completely reset your iPhone

After applying the above process, the problem is still the same and then tries to reset your iPhone completely. Follow below steps to reset.

  • Turn on your iPhone
  • Find the settings, and then choose General
  • Locate the option named Reset
  • Choose “Reset All Settings” to perform a full factory reset
  • Enter your password
  • After typing in your password, the iPhone reset process will begin
  • Once done, you will start again on your iPhone, and you can swipe to continue

Also, clear your phone cache and free up memory of unused apps.

Method 5: Restore your iPhone on iTunes

If your iPhone’s touchscreen still doesn’t work after a forced restart, iOS restore would be necessary. Some system errors are hard enough to withstand initial procedures, including a factory reset. To cope with such a load, you can choose to perform recovery in recovery mode on your iPhone or put your iPhone in a DFU state so that any significant system damage or data corruption can be corrected via iTunes. You can refer to the following steps if you want to perform these system restores.

  • Recovery in recovery mode
  • Restoring DFU mode to fix the iPhone touch screen doesn’t work

Method 6: Hire professionals

This is probably obvious from the start, but if the iPhone’s touchscreen is cracked, it can become numb, partially numb, or not work at all. Likewise, if the iPhone is damaged, it may not work at all, or the touch screen may not work reliably.

Your Iphone’s touch screen or the entire phone can also be ruined due to water. If your iPhone has been dropped due to some reason, it is also possible that internal components have become loose, which may prevent the touch screen from working.

In such situations, take your iPhone to an authorized service center or Apple store to solve the problem.

In Conclusion

The touch screen of your iPhone is complex and fascinating technology. You can follow the above methods if your iPhone Touch Screen is not working.

Also, in the event of material damage, you can take your device to the nearest Authorized Service Center and have it checked by an iPhone technician.

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