Top 15 Free Music Apps That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

Top 15 Free Music Apps That Don't Need Wi-Fi

Find here the list of Free Music Apps That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

Nowadays, streaming music is prevalent. It’s common to find someone with a music app installed on their phone, gadget, or laptop that can play and store one’s favorite songs digitally. Compare this innovation to when people eagerly await the release of the next hit album, rush to the local store, and buy it on CD A couple of decades ago.

A Brief History of Music Recording

Digging deeper into the past, the rapid evolution of the music industry and record production is truly remarkable. Fundamentally, it is Thomas Edison’s phonograph, first introduced in 1877, that gave way to the current means of listening to recorded music. 

Original records, the precursors of vinyl, were mass-produced and became widely available shortly after. In the 1920s, broadcast radio began to gain popularity. Eventually, the compact cassette tape launched in the first couple of years of 1960, marking the beginning of portable music. From that point on, changes came rapidly. 

For instance, with eight-track tapes from 1964, people could start playing music in their cars. Then the iconic brand Walkman put music in people’s hands in 1979—that’s also when cassette tapes began losing ground to CDs. 

The next era took off just before the 90s with the introduction of the MP3 as the very first digital music player. Then, Napster entered the picture. Later in 2001 and 2003, respectively, Apple debuted the iPod and the iTunes store, firmly establishing digital music listening as the norm.

And with the addition of streaming platforms, the present day’s advanced and convenient music listening is here to continue delighting fans and empowering composers to create music.

The Trend of Offline Music Apps

It used to be impossible to listen to your favorite tunes without an internet connection. But it’s no longer the case today, thanks to the rising popularity of offline music apps. You may now walk while listening to your favorite artists or playlist, even without Wi-Fi nearby.

Offline music apps enable you to enjoy listening to any song you fancy by downloading entire albums and saving them as part of your app’s music library for playing later. Many of these offline music apps are free to install, while others are available for purchase through monthly subscriptions.

In this article, we’ll explore a selection of music applications you can use when you have no connection to the internet.

Top 15 Free Music Apps That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

Check this list of the best offline music apps to enjoy your favorite songs without a Wi-Fi service or data consumption.

1: YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a relatively new music streaming app. It is comparable to other well-known music apps, except that it lets you search for the song’s video, giving you a choice to watch while listening.

The fact that YouTube’s free music app seeks to revolutionize music discovery makes it so appealing. This music streaming app from YouTube analyzes your preferences by examining your previous playing history, unlike other applications offering specific recommendations or tracks based on album genre and band or artist.

2: Amazon Music Unlimited

Available to both Android and iOS devices, Amazon Music Unlimited is a leading music streaming platform that provides access to over 50 million songs. Being part of the Amazon Brand, its capabilities reflect Jeff Bezos company’s innovative culture, ranging from offline listening to playlist creation with limitless skips. One major caveat is that Amazon Music Unlimited only offers a 30-day free trial version.

This app is ideal if you also subscribe to other services offered by Amazon since it’s available for free to Amazon Prime members. In addition, users can buy premium plans that give them access to extra services such as offline streaming and ad-free browsing. 


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3: Google Play Music

Google Play Music, pre-installed on Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to upload up to 50,000 of their recordings from any device. Then, they’ll add all those tracks to their catalog for streaming. This functionality is an excellent way to store your collection while saving up storage space on your device at the same time.

Google’s app is one of the best for downloading high-quality music. For one, it allows you to stream podcasts and radio music for free. It also has an option that lets you download any songs for offline listening. Moreover, Google Play Music is incredibly efficient in customizing your radio station by recommending new music based on your past choices, thanks to its machine learning algorithms.

4: Apple Music

Featuring over 70 million songs, Apple Music is the most recent version of the immensely famous iTunes online music streaming service. Apple Music is a free app that you can download on iOS and Android alike, despite the popular belief that it is exclusive to users of Apple devices. A 90-day free allows first-time users to enjoy music from their device even without an internet connection.

The Apple Music app also enables the playing of music videos in addition to audio files. Along with its vast music library, Apple Music offers live radio and personalized playlists, as well. Download songs from Apple Music to your phone while connected to Wi-Fi to avoid consuming cellular data. You can make your own playlists and download them or choose from Apple Music’s curated playlists.

5: Spotify

Spotify is another widely used free offline music streaming app. It supports alternative options to enjoy music, such as streaming to home stereo systems, as well as streaming to a computer or mobile device. Spotify is user-friendly, making it arguably the top choice app for both podcasts and digital comics.

Additionally, Spotify offers a vast music catalog and an offline version. Although, you need a Spotify Premium subscription to access this feature. With this membership, you can cache music on your desktop or mobile device to listen to songs without an internet connection.

6: Pandora

You can stream music for free and listen to an endless number of songs with the Pandora app. It differs from other apps in the way it effectively recognizes your preferences in music and recommends songs from any genre. You’ll need to purchase a subscription to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium package to get offline access.

The app’s Pandora Plus iteration readily downloads your preferred radio stations to your phone and shifts to one of them if your internet connection is lost. As with the Pandora Premium subscription, you get the added feature of getting to download any album, song, or playlist from Pandora’s enormous catalog to listen to it later for free.


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7: Deezer

There are free and paid versions of the Deezer music player, with its premium subscription providing users access to offline listening and an ad-free experience. Deezer is a great streaming platform for music lovers with diverse interests owing to its extensive music selection, including indie and mainstream music. 

It is a flexible free music player that is downloadable on both iOS and Android and can be used on laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and smartphones.

Deezer offers more than 50 million tunes you can download for offline listening. It allows you to access music from all genres and makes it easy for you to create your own playlists. Additionally, it features lyrics and a song catcher so that you can sing along. It also offers a trial membership, so you can decide if it’s your ideal subscription.

8: SoundCloud

SoundCloud has the most comprehensive music catalog among music apps. This app has also emerged as artists’ go-to free music streaming app, so it’s right up your alley if you are looking for a platform to share your music.

There is a ton of content available for anyone wanting to listen to music for free on the site, as it features numerous well-known and independent musicians. It also has additional content available through radio shows and podcasts. SoundCloud is downloadable for both Android and iOS devices. All paid subscription plans let you play offline and experience an ad-free service.

9: LiveXLive

Another offline music app with original soundtracks, podcasts, and documentaries is LiveXLive, formerly Slacker Radio. The contest and festival livestream, available to customers of basic and premium plans, is one of its distinct features.

Although LiveXLive is more of a radio app than a full-fledged music streaming service, you can use it to search for songs and artists featured by radio stations. The user interface of LiveXLive makes it easy to access thousands of radio stations. The app also shows all the live stations playing your favorite music.

10: Napster

As previously mentioned, Napster pioneered music streaming before the turn of the century in 1999. Today, Napster is a premium offline music software that also functions as a social music app. It allows users to create personalized music profiles with GIFs and photographs and match their musical preferences with those of other music aficionados.

Napster, formerly Rhapsody, has transformed into an outstanding music streaming service with millions of songs in its database for free offline listening. Despite its enormous number of music assets, searching for the songs you want to play is easy. Plus, its desktop version has offline music listening capability. The music app pioneer offers a free 30-day trial period and unlimited downloads of songs and podcasts. 

11: jetAudio

jetAudio is one of the most adaptable music players among the free apps for free offline music listening. It allows you to play music in compressed formats, which helps to save storage space on your device. In addition, it includes a full equalization with 32 presets and 10 bands while also allowing you to change the playback speed.

Both iOS and Android users can download jetAudio—as of 2021, the app has a 50-million user base worldwide.

12: Musify

Musify was initially a website where users could download free ringtones, but it now allows users to discover new albums and play them offline. As a music app, Musify lets you download songs from its library for free. You can also stream different audio content such as live concerts, DJ sets, remixes, etc.

The app also functions as a community where enthusiasts and artists may exchange their works with one another. Plus, Musify lets you import your SoundCloud tracks and music from other websites.


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13: Rocket Player

Rocket Player is one of the most straightforward apps for free offline music listening, thanks to an easy-to-navigate design. It has a 10-band equalizer with many preset options and a selection of themes to personalize the app’s interface. Additionally, Rocket Player has a premium version that disables all ads and provides extra features like track switching and volume normalization.

You can also delete multiple tracks from your playlist to make room for new selections. Rocket Player is available to download via Google Play Store.

14: Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player can compile all your offline songs and let you play them at once or create multiple queues. Additionally, it offers you the necessary features and is free of ads for uninterrupted listening. It features an offline music player that compiles your downloaded songs offline into one convenient location, with the added convenience of organizing folders and subfolders.

15: AIMP

AIMP may be your best option if you enjoy editing music and applying different equalizations. It can play various formats besides MP3, but its only function is to play songs that have already been downloaded and saved to your device’s storage. Thanks to its straightforward UI, you can quickly and easily master its features.

This audio player is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems.

Music Streaming Has Come a Long Way

The music industry is one of the early adopters of advanced technology—and now, it has come a long way.

Thanks to these offline music apps, people can conveniently listen to their favorite songs anytime and anywhere they want. These music apps use features that let us continue listening to music even without an internet connection and enable musicians to market their songs to an audience on various platforms conveniently.

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