4 Hot Makeup Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022

4 Hot Makeup Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022

As summer comes to an end and you start packing away all your lighter-weight clothing to make room for the heavier pieces, this is also a great time to think about updating your makeup. Just like clothing has must-have pieces for each season, makeup too sees trends change at the start of each season. Here’s a look at some of the top makeup trends that are looking popular for autumn and winter. Even if you just embrace one, it will be enough to update your look.

Add Warmth to Your Cheeks with Terracotta Blush

It’s time to put away the summer brights and embrace the warmer shades of autumn. For 2022 it’s all about terracotta blusher which can look extremely polished and sophisticated. Depending on its undertones, you can even skip bronzer and contour and use the blusher to add a bit of face sculpting. For those who are having a hard time parting with their tan, terracotta does a great job of adding warmth and prolonging that sun-kissed glow.

Statement Matte Lips Are Having a Moment

While summer was all about high-shine lip oils and glosses, autumn and winter is often a great time to embrace a statement matte lip. A statement lip can be a standard red lip or something edgier like black, navy, burgundy or brown. If you are going for a statement lip it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup neutral so that your lips are the star of the show.

If you are worried about your bold lip colour moving around outside the lip lines, a liquid lipstick like Stila Liquid Lipstick is a great option. Liquid lipsticks lock down and stay in place for hours, if not the full day. Depending on the colour and the brand, you may not even need a lip liner to go with it.

The Smokey Eye Gets an Update

Most people are familiar with a smoky eye and because of its depth and darkness, it’s probably not something you do daily. Well, autumn and winter 2022 have given the smoky eye an update that makes it more daytime friendly and easier to achieve. Instead of using dark grey, navy and black, swap those colours out for rich browns, cocoa, espresso and bronze. This style of a smoky eye would look beautiful paired with the other trend mentioned above – terracotta blusher.

What’s great about brown and bronze is that you can find warm and cool versions of the colours, so this is a more universally appealing option.

Vivid Colours for the Eyes Don’t Have to Be Intimidating

Also trending in eyeshadow are vivid colours. This includes bold colours like green, blue, purple and red. If you’re feeling hesitant, try a wash of colour and then as you get more comfortable you can even do some graphic shaping for a night out on the town. Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup toned down if you’re doing a vivid eye.

As you can see by these tips, it’s not hard to embrace the autumn and winter makeup trends as there’s something for everyone. You can also put your spin on the trend by playing it up or down.

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