How To Make Your Instagram Stories More Engaging

How To Make Your Instagram Stories More Engaging

Instagram stories are the new trend now.

Although Instagram was introduced as a social media platform for sharing photos, over the past few years, it has become a lot more than just a photo-sharing platform.

Also, it has become a channel for promoting your business. You can promote your business and also develop a community of your target audience. Especially even if you are running a small business or just starting your business, Instagram is a great option for promoting.

This social media platform comes with lots of features. Instagram stories are one of them. You can post both photos and small videos here. But it is only visible for 24 hours. After 24 hours of posting an Instagram story, it will automatically disappear.

Make Your Instagram Stories More Engaging 

When it comes to engagement, the timeline of only 24 hours is not enough. But at the same time, Instagram stories can serve your purpose really well. That is why we are here to guide you with the major things.

Here are the top ways to make your Instagram stories more engaging. We are assuming that you are putting your 100% effort into making your stories. Several photo and video editing tools are also available for free on the rarbg; you can download them and create excellent content.

#1 Use Location Tags And Hashtags

You might already have understood how using proper hashtags can help you get more likes, views, and comments. Hashtags make your post more visible and easily accessible to your audience who are not even following you.

Just the way you are using hashtags for your post, also use hashtags for your stories. Also, when you start using a location tag, more and more audiences from your location will be able to access your post.

#2 Save Important Stories To Your Highlights

We all know that Instagram stories only stay up for just 24 hours. There is only a single way to avoid this, and that is by saving them in your highlights. Once you save the stories to highlights, it will stay there until and unless you’re taking it down.

Also, give your highlights a cover that goes perfectly with your brand in order to create consistency. Highlights bring you the best of both worlds. You are creating a story, but you are hanging on to those stories for more than just 24 hours.

#3 Post At Least Once A Day

Stories are indeed powerful as they put you at the top of people’s Instagram feeds. Here, your brand is so much more visible. Your post might get buried in someone’s feed, but your stories will not. That means you are getting an option to stay at the top.

You just need to post at least one story on a regular basis. This way, you will be able to be at the top of someone else’s feed most of the time. Even though you are saving your stories in the highlight, they will disappear from the feed of your followers.

When you post on a daily basis, it will again show at the top of the feed. It means you are not getting out of their eyes.

#4 Run Polls And Ask Questions

People always love to chime in on the conversation. This is why inviting them to share their thoughts with you can really help you a lot. Instagram stories can make this super easy for you. Under the sticker options, you have 5 different options to check out.

  • Questions.
  • Chat.
  • Quiz.
  • Poll.
  • The slider.

All of these invite your audience to participate and engage with you. They are enough to give people enough reason to stop and take a closer look. Instagram stories are a dynamic tool that can be used to really connect with your audience. You can get in touch with EarthWeb for more strategies.

#5 Use Prompts

Sometimes you need to tell people what you actually want them to do. Only linking and sharing are not enough. Here, when you are thinking about increasing Instagram story engagement, you need to use relevant prompts in order to increase the time spent on your story.

Here are some ways you can ask your audience of followers to engage with your stories.

  • Tap for more.
  • Hold to read.
  • Get ready to.

Create More Engaging IG Stories

All these tips that we have provided here are tried and tested. You might get to know that your Instagram influencer friend is also doing the same things to make their Instagram stories more effective.

Always create worthy content. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how efficiently you are handling your Instagram; you will not get the expected result.

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