You might have heard a lot of one-sided love stories, but a love story of a techie and his/her gadgets is different in many ways. A tech-savvy will always love his/her gadgets more than their own self. They can entertain a heartbreak better than a gadget break. 

Given below are the tips to take care of your gadgets.

  1. Keep the dust away
  2. Don’t throw your gadgets
  3. Don’t overuse your Gizmo
  4. Keep your gadgets in a proper environment 
  5. Keep eateries away 
  6. Keep them at safe places
  7. Charge your device appropriately

Let’s elaborate the above points to understand them correctly.

  1. Keep Dust Away – It is necessary to wipe the dust off your system on a daily basis. To wipe the dust off we need to make sure that a dry cloth or dry brush is used. Accumulation of dust may lead to malfunctioning of certain parts of the gadgets, like keys or display. This aspect of gadget caring is usually ignored by a majority of the tech enthusiast as well.
  1. Don’t Throw Your Gadgets – When the usage of the gadget is done there are people who throw their gizmo on the sofa or the bed just to avoid the little extra work their bones would end up doing to keep these devices safely. There is a high possibility that the gadget might bounce out of the bed or the sofa and end up damaging the device. 
  1. Don’t Overuse Your Gizmo – like humans need rest for the proper functioning of their body, even technical devices have to be turned off to increase their life and smooth functioning. Overusing the gadget might end up heating the device to such an extent that it might damage the internal hardware chips. 
  1. Keep Your Gadget In Proper Environment – What does a proper environment mean? By a proper environment, we mean that the devices need to be kept at a place away from direct sunlight. The table or floor should not be wet. There are a lot of devices which are given a fan outlet to remove the heat from the device, hence, we have to make sure we do not keep our devices at such places where the outlet gets covered and the heat just end up accumulating inside the device itself. This might have bad consequences on the device.
  1. Keep Eateries Away – Be it a hot or a cold beverage or even some dry or wet food, it should be kept away from the gadgets. You might end up spilling your food on your device, which eventually might end up harming the device. Even an open bottle of water kept near your device has high chances of spilling on your device and damaging it. 
  1. Keep them at safe places – A safe place for any gadget would be a place which is out of reach of things that can harm the device, especially children. A proper shelf or a cupboard should be assigned for your devices. Even while carrying your device, it should be carried in proper case or bag, which should make sure that if something falls on the bag by mistake, it should keep the device safe.
  1. Charge Your Device Appropriately – Do not keep the device for charging for a longer period of time. It happens a lot of time that the devices are kept on charging even when the device is not in use. Overcharging impacts the performance and the battery of the device. Overcharging the battery might end up burning the device.

Wrapping Up: These are few tips which can certainly help to keep the devices safe from getting damaged. There are more steps which can surely be taken care of for the safety of devices. Along with repairing the device as soon as the device malfunction or it gets damaged, time to time servicing should be done for the smooth functioning of the devices. 

Preventive measures are one side of the story, where even after taking preventive measures the device might get damaged. Just to stay safe and protected we have to make sure that these devices are also protected by a smartphone insurance plan to make sure we are prepared for the worst possible scenarios. Stay safe, stay protected and stay happy.


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