10 best ideas for posting unique content on Instagram

10 best ideas for posting unique content on Instagram

Many small company owners ought to use Instagram marketing to establish a presence. The good news is that various approaches keep your Instagram feed exciting and your followers interested. See our guide for more information on obtaining followers on Instagram and expanding your audience.

In this article, we’ll discuss Instagram posting strategies with suggestions and case studies you may customize for your own business. We’ll also discuss how to plan your posting to make your Instagram marketing strategy successful and some tips on monetizing Instagram by advertising your goods. 

Flaunt your products in your postings

One of the simplest (and most expected) ways to start on Instagram is with high-quality images and videos of your items. Sharing content on Instagram that showcases your items in splendor can aid sales growth and brand promotion.

When photographing products for your account, try to avoid making them look like adverts. The best setting for your product presentation is one that is both relatable and aspirational for your audience.

Try to develop product posts that focus more on creating a feeling than explaining a product—a mood, aesthetic, association, or attitude that you want people to think of when they see your brand name.

Increase sales using product tags

Direct purchases via Instagram are made possible by Instagram tags and product stickers, which are distinctive formats for posts and Instagram Stories, respectively.

Users can click on product tags, for instance, to learn more about a product, such as its name or price. They will be sent to a screen where they may purchase if they click once more.

customers are more likely to complete a purchase on mobile when product tags make it simple and quick for them to do so. Using product tags while you’re having a sale or giving a discount is something you may think about doing.

Instagram has just introduced product stickers for Instagram Stories, allowing users to click to read product details and make a purchase decision.

Make entertaining Instagram reels.

In general, many firms need to employ more videos on their social media marketing platforms, but Instagram is where this is most noticeable.

Utilizing more videos in your feed will make you stand out in today’s social environment. It is up to you what kinds of videos you make. You may distribute brand storytelling films, product videos, vlogs, or Q&As.

After the launch of Instagram Reels, a feature that enables users to produce short movies up to 15 seconds in length, video has gained even greater significance. You may enhance your posts with audio, special effects, and other eye-catching components before sharing them on your feed or through the Explore page. An extra plus is that the Instagram algorithm favors newer features and content formats, which can offer your post an advantage. 

Observe fans behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes material is quite popular. Thanks to the openness it fosters, they get the impression that they are getting to know the “genuine” you behind the brand. Seeing a constant stream of product photographs fosters trust and provides a welcome change of pace.

Added benefit. Content from backstage doesn’t have to be as flawless as some of your other photos. As a result, many businesses choose to reserve their behind-the-scenes material for their Stories.

Publish user-generated content again

Your followers like seeing user-generated material on your Instagram, which is some of the most convincing stuff you can employ. It demonstrates that you are actively involved in your community, which may increase UGC and your reputation.

UGC is something you’ll want to share on an Instagram Story to subtly but powerfully promote your company. If you want to put something on your feed, whether a meme, a review or just a picture of your product, make sure it’s well done and represents your company. 

Run a giveaway or contest on Instagram

Want to fast increase interaction and create buzz about your brand? Giveaways and contests are the best options.

Contests will increase brand awareness and frequently result in high-quality user-generated content or social proof if both at a time.

Even though the wider public might not be very interested, provide a reward that is most pertinent to your target demographic for the most remarkable outcomes. Anyone would comment for a free iPhone, but it’s more crucial to encouraging participation and registrations from consumers who would make purchases. There are debated opinions on buying likes, but if you are a beginner and want to promote your brand or your profile, you can buy Instagram likes. This strategy can add more viewership to your account and attract more people to view your content.

Put your staff in the spotlight.

Instagram is a terrific platform for content that highlights workers or, even better, is produced by them. Selfies and other “sneak peek” Instagram photographs are another approach to offer customers the human aspect of your company, facilitating a stronger emotional bond and increased level of trust.

This humanizes the business and highlights the handcrafted nature of its goods, reminding potential buyers that a machine only mass-produced the furniture.

Declare new goods and company achievements

Here is a straightforward but powerful idea: Use an intriguing image to communicate new items or business updates on Instagram.

Because everyone likes to feel like they’re in the know about a company they adore, this provides you additional information to post on the platform and motivates consumers to follow you.

Pop Chart Lab frequently releases new prints, and Instagram is another platform it uses to update its following.

Take advantage of the season with posts.

Clients adore getting into the festive mood. Whether the festival is a significant one, like Thanksgiving, or an unofficial one, like National Dog Day, doesn’t matter.

Profit from this by writing timely and immediately pertinent seasonal content. In addition to the major holidays, posts on summer vacations, winter weather, or even a particular meteor shower might be successful.

You always keep Instagram hashtags in mind while posting over the holiday season. One of the main benefits of seasonal postings is that the hashtags are now immediately relevant, which increases the likelihood that users would search for them. For optimum results, include many current, seasonal, and holiday hashtags in the post description.

Encourage fans to tag a friend in a post.

The tag-a-friend strategy is occasionally used in conjunction with contest postings, but it is also possible for it to stand alone.

These postings will entice readers to leave a comment tagging a friend they believe might enjoy the product or who might be able to connect to the topic of your post.

This tactic can introduce new consumers to your business and provide you with much social proof. It would be best if you utilized this judiciously to avoid giving the impression that you’re merely spamming Instagram to gain followers. Try to devise inventive approaches to motivate consumers to tag their friends.


In the end, you upload content to increase your Instagram following and brand awareness, but it’s crucial to avoid posting only for exposure. To keep your fans interested, you should aim to have your brand remain constant across the platform while diversifying your content and individual postings. An excellent place to begin is with a well-balanced content schedule and many unique ideas.

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