Is Amman Worth Visiting?

Is Amman Worth Visiting?

Is Amman Worth Visiting? – Amman, the capital of Jordan, is an excellent place to visit. Anyone can spend their time in this place as it is desirable. It is a center of interest for the tourists and among the exciting areas of the world. Along with Roman architecture, sweeping hills and mosques, this place has art galleries, modern buildings and homes. If you are coming from Dubai then you can take a flight from dubai to amman to visit there. Some of the main Places  to be visited in Amman are as follows:

#1 The Citadel

This is the main focal point of Amman which can easily convince you to visit this city. This is a place from which your journey to visit the archaeological sites will begin. The excavations that had been done recently had put light on the civilisations of Amman at an early age. The Greeks renamed this place Philadelphia. This place has fountains and theatres by Romans,  beautiful churches built by Byzantines, Temple of Hercules built by Muslims in the second century, at which this place was empires by Marcus Aurelius. The public square, Roman Forum, is considered the most significant monument of the empire. In spite of gardens at this place that have not been built, this place has Nymphaeum, which is viewed as a

#2 Hejar Railway

Hejar Railway

The Hejar Railway is the most romantic and the oldest railway in the world. The British officer, Lawrence of Arabia, has wrecked this train. He was the champion of Arab nationalism and has gone to this place for the purpose of defeating the Ottomans.


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#3 Museums and Theatres

The people living at this place are gracious, and they enjoy showing the beauty of their city to the tourists by which they are also able to show their culture. In this city, there are a number of artists exhibitions and museums. Among them, the most famous museum is the Archaeological Museum of Jordan. There are many theatres as well as to be visited that perform rich programmes and movies along with subtitles in the Arabic language.

#4 Shopping

Another beautiful thing about this city is the shopping attraction that consists of all of the famous and international brands that are recognised by all. The speciality here is the streets of this place that are found to be very elegant. There are also some craft shops that are famous for their handmade cushions, embroidered materials, pots that are painted by hands, carpets as well as some other decorative materials of the home. They also sell gold jewellery that is pure gold, 24 carats, which is much cheaper than the gold of other countries.


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#5 Excursions

Due to the excellent climate of Amman of Jordan, and its prosperity, most of the populations are settled there, but there are also some excursions at this place in the surrounding areas. Some other sites of this city are Petra, which is the Pink city that is sculptured in the rocks. The Jordan valley you must visit as in this place, Jesus Christ was immersed. Also had the dead sea, endless valleys, pine forests, marshes and oases. Kan Zaman should also not be missed by you because it is located in the south part of this city and is a few kilometres away. When you enter into this location, you will feel like you are in the ancient period in which you are able to enjoy the traditional food of Arab and can smoke a nargile.

#6 La Cucina

Here are some of the main dishes of this place that you must try when you visit this place that are of different varieties and very interesting that includes chickpea puree, hummus, meatballs along with fried onions, kubbeh, kebabs of lamb. The national dish of Jordan is mansaf, which is very tasty on which there is a flavouring of lamb with aromatic herbs; it is cooked in yoghurt and is served along with rice consisting of almonds and pine nuts in it. The dessert served here is also of royal taste and quality that is garnished with honey and filled with sultanas and almonds that are cultivated in the Salt Region from the ancient period.

#7 Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street

It is a very popular place in Amman situated in the district Jabal Amman. You can find this place to be very relaxing if you want to get away from the terrific traffic of Amman. You can easily explore this place by walking. This street is mainly active on the night of Thursday, at which most of the people of Jordan spend their weekends. You can visit this place in the afternoon, at this time it will be more tourist-friendly. There are cafes on the street from which you can get a cup of tea along with enjoy. You can also have your lunch at this place which can be crisp falafel on sesame seed buns. After that, you can take a taxi to get home. There will be some blocks on this street famous for their gold pieces of jewellery, handmade crafts, mugs, soaps, etc.

#8 Spas of Amman

Amman has a number of spas on which you can relax. This city has traditional bathing systems that are of the ancient period. These have steam rooms, a private treatment room, saunas, and communal baths. These spas consist of an expansive space that will help to wind down. Some suggestions of the spas on which you can visit are Gaia’s Cocoon Spa, Willow Stream Spa and Al-Pasha Turkish Bath. After taking the spa, you will feel restored.

At which Place You Can Stay in Amman?

There are many hotels at this place as it is a tourist place. There are all types of hotels, be it a one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars. You can stay anywhere you want without any issues.

Conclusion on Is Amman Worth Visiting?

Amman is a very beautiful city that should be visited by everyone who is making plans to visit Jordan. The most attractive places are mentioned above in this article from which you can easily take help and enjoy. It will be worth it if you visit this place. Enjoy your trip!


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