How ZEE5 Can Helps During Missing Your Favourite ZEE Telugu Show

How ZEE5 Helps For Watching ZEE Telugu Shows

All You need to know about ZEE5 to watch your Missing Favourite Telugu Show

The slogan of ZEE Telugu serves as the ideal introduction to the origins of the channel too. Since May 2005, ZEE Telugu has won the hearts of the Telugu speaking audience with relatable yet entertaining content. But almost 14 years after its launch, it is now getting tough for many to catch up on their favourite TV shows from the channel. Whether it is a long day at work or long journeys to hometown, the chances of missing out on our favourite TV shows is much higher now. But thanks to the internet and ZEE network’s OTT platform ZEE5, there is a solution too. With the live ZEE Telugu channel stream and all its shows available to watch online, missing out on TV shows is no longer a possibility.

For those who are unaware of this development, here is a quick glimpse through the features on ZEE5 that are a boon for ZEE Telugu followers.

Live ZEE Telugu channel stream

Many among us literally plan their entire day’s schedule as per the TV schedule on ZEE Telugu. Just to ensure that, we do not miss out on our daily/weekend shows. But when travelling or not in the proximity of a TV, the live ZEE Telugu channel stream on ZEE5 comes to your rescue. With HD quality live streams, watching shows on ZEE5 seem as good as watching on your TV. Hence, irrespective of the circumstance, you would not miss your schedule with ZEE Telugu, thanks to this feature on ZEE5.

Before TV uploads and collection of shows

There are times when you just can’t wait till next afternoon or evening to watch what happened on a TV show. You are eager to know the reveal or a twist. Well, ZEE5 has a fix for that too with its Before TV uploads. Episodes of popular ZEE Telugu shows get aired on the platform, hours before its airtime on TV. Now, isn’t that awesome!!?

Easy Navigation

On choosing your content language on ZEE5 as Telugu, you can view systematically designed carousels related to popular ZEE Telugu shows. In case, you are looking for the latest episodes, you can find those in the ‘Latest Telugu Episodes’ carousel. If you are just looking for short clips from some of the recent episodes, find the same in the ‘webisodes’ carousel. Similarly, there are various carousels created on ZEE5, keeping the varied tastes of ZEE5 viewers.

Going the binge-watch way

Got to know about an awesome ZEE Telugu TV show from the past? Or missing out on a couple of episodes thanks to a recent vacation? Either way, you can choose to binge-watch all the episodes of a TV show on ZEE5. With the daily updated content library, you can revisit both old and new shows at your leisure, giving you the freedom of viewing of a different level, altogether.

With such amazing features, the cherry on the cake for ZEE Telugu viewers on ZEE5 is the special Telugu subscription plan. Costing almost half the price of a regular ZEE5 subscription plan, the ZEE5 Telugu plan gives you access to all the Telugu content (movies, web series, TV shows, Live TV and Before TV) on ZEE5. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to ZEE5’s Telugu subscription plan right away and stay connected to your favourite shows and movies always.



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