LetMeWatchThis 2024: Best LetMeWatchThis Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

LetMeWatchThis 2021: Best LetMeWatchThis Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online:

In this article you will get to know about what is LetMeWatchThis website With the Advantages of using LetMeWatchThis online streaming platform and best Alternatives of LetMeWatchThis website to Watch Free Movies Online.

There has been a huge craze among online users to opt for live streaming websites where they can enjoy their favorite entertainment programs. There has been an up-rise during 2020, the pandemic year. In the last year, everything has been put on a hold- there were strict rules of social distancing, frequently sanitizing and hand washing, wearing a mask, and more importantly maintaining the social distancing of a minimum of 1 meter or 3 feet. With all these stringent restrictions around, every public sector has been shut down; from workplaces to shopping malls, cinema halls, and entertainment parks. People had to survive within their own homes. Hence, the most available choice was online movie streaming networks. One of the most famous online movie streaming websites for free entertainment is LetMeWatchThis movie 2023.

Introduction of  LetMeWatchThis Website

This post is all about LetMeWatchThis online site- what is it, how to watch movies on LetMeWatchThis, the advantages and reasons for its popular use, the most authentic and active alternative sites of this LetMeWatchThis 2021 movie streaming sites along with a conclusion mentioning a declaration.

About LetMeWatchThis website

LetMeWatchThis is one of the most popular free movie and other entertainment program streaming sites. This site was previously known as the ‘Primeware’; later the parent site got differentiated into three sub channels- PrimeWire, Channel1, and this one- LetMeWatchThis. For the last 10 years, this site has been providing very high-quality and ad-free portal sources. Surfing to this site helps the user to listen to many loose-tune tracks. The MPAA pressurizes the Internet Service Providers (IPS) when they access films and they earn a huge amount of money by providing the users with a huge number of entertainment items. Then the Government put a ban and restricted use on access to these platforms. This is something that has happened with LetMeWatchThis. However, there is a way of getting out from it; by installing a VPN that allows access to this network. After installing, one can watch movies free online at LetMeWatchThis. 

Advantages of using LetMeWatchThis online streaming platform

Here are some of the most convenient reasons why this site has been the most popular amongst the free online entertainment users.

  • Firstly, it provides very high-quality content.
  • Secondly, they deal with copyrighted content as well. Though the streaming of these copyrighted files often gets disrupted, yet they are available.
  • Thirdly, it is accessible with the help of almost all the available VPNs; hence there will be no restriction in access even when the site is banned to a particular place.
  • Last but not the least, all forms of entertainment content are available here; from old and vintage to recent and exclusive ones.

This site often gets stuck with the traffic as here the contents are available in high-quality cost-free. There are many alternative sites as well that provide the same quality and similar quantity contents. There will be no stress or strain of tension for the users. In the following part, the most authentic alternatives of LetMeWatchThis site to watch movies in free online.

alternatives of LetMeWatchThis site to watch movies in free online.

Top 15 LetMeWatchThis online alternative sites

Here is a list of alternative best sites like LetMeWatchThis.


It is one very famous and authentic site to serve oneself with a binge-watching list of entertainment. There is a good part of this site- it has a specific name for the ‘.com’ regions; for the users to access the site most satisfactorily. This site has no different from the parent site of LetMeWatchThis online site. As the site just requires a stable internet connection and a supportive VPN, it can be accessible by anyone, anytime and anywhere.


If you have ever dreamt to have access to an unlimited movie streaming site apart from the LetMeWatchThis movie site, this is the perfect place to dig in. Besides, here one can enjoy the entertainment programs without any cost. It can be made ad-free too by downloading an ad-blocker to your website as well. This place is a paradise for movie lovers as the site provides some A1 collections of movies that are not available at any other online site.


What else can be said about Netflix! Everyone knows about it as it is not just a name, it has become a sensation. It is a video streaming grandmaster site where people can get access to the highest quality content. This site is not for free access; there is a registration page; then there will be monthly or yearly subscription charges as well. However, they are negligible to the ocean of exclusive contents available on the site. Especially, after the pandemic, OTT has grown to be the new platform for launching entertainment programs; Netflix is at every home. Here, one account can be shared by two people. The paid service provides unrestricted entertainment content.


This is another site that provides cost-free high-quality entertainment to online users. This site, unlike Netflix, is a free streaming site; the user does not need to have a registered account to have access to this site. Also, the site is ad-free; hence an uninterrupted peaceful prime time entertainment is ahead of you here on this site.


Putlocker is the platinum age of online entertainment and all has become possible for the unfathomable advancement of the internet, science, and technology. This site has also undergone banning, yet it is fighting its best and providing its users their desirable service. The mirror site Putlocker9 provides every form of entertainment-drama, cartoons, action movies, romantic, rom-com, and many more along with animated content. For such high-quality entertainment, you will need to spend not a single buck from your pocket.


Afdah is a remarkable site for web scrapping. Anything available on the internet is available here, for free. This site has a very user-friendly interface too which helps the user get their content easily from the different categories differentiating genres. From cartoons to different streams of movies, games, anime, sports- everything is available here. It is also an ad-free site.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is another one of the paid sites that are reigning in the world when it comes to in-home entertainment. From videos to documentaries, to TV shows to movies- everything is available here on this site. Also, this site is available in the apps as well; hence it is available in handset devices as well as mobile phones.


Another free-of-cost opportunity for the users to avail of access to the universe of entertainment is this MoviesJoy site. It is free of cost, high quality, up-to-date with all the recent contents premiered in the markets. Well, there is one problem that can be a train to free movies online is this site is not ad-free.


The most exclusive and convenient reason for streaming to this free site is this is an ad-free site. There is no buffering as well while experiencing an uninterrupted movie marathon. A holiday, a bucket filled with popcorns with a glass/bottle full of wine, and SnagFilms- a perfect definition of leisure.


Vumoo is a fantastic catching TV show which has record numbers of entertainment contents. A user will be hooked to this site when they get to access their favorite genre as well as all other genres of entertainment under the same roof. Action, adventure, romance, horrors- name any genre and snap! Your content is right here-ready to perform and stream.

Panda Streaming

Panda streaming is filled with new and exclusive content; series and movies. Also, this site has not fallen under the radar of Anti-piracy yet; hence this site is pretty freely available and accessible in most of countries. One of the exclusive features of this site is the ‘rating’ of the video. Such a feature has made it easier for the users to choose what to see over the other.

Open Load Free TV

This site is the best place to find the recently released movies and episodes of web series. The website undergoes regular updates and with new video notifications, news, and many more. Open Load Free TV is comparatively smarter and advanced than that of the LetMeWatchThis site.


To watch any program online, for free; this is the best site to avail. 1Movies has a very attractive interface and navigation site which draws more numbers of users. Once the user clicks on the content, it opens a small window with the preview screen where the show ratings, rotten tomatoes, and IMDB scores are mentioned. Such information helps the user to choose whether they want to see the content or not.


FMovies has a very closer interface similarity with that of the Solarmovie website. The contents here are divided according to the ratings, year of release, genre, and access diaries. The only drawback of this site is it contains heavy loads of advertisements. However, if you are a patient person, this site will soothe your leisure time.

Watch Movie Stream

Watch Movie Stream has a public domain and legal license. Watching movies here is free of cost. The movies are ranked according to the history of their access. However, one needs an active VPN to have access to the contents of this website. The interface has an option to sort the options according to the user’s needs.


LetMeWatchThis online site has been the most popular site to stream movies online. However, the alternatives mentioned here are equally good in quality of service. There is one declaration that needs to be mentioned. The whole content is for knowledge and enlightenment purposes. We neither support nor promote any piracy activities. The sites are popular and well used, yet some of them are not legal and authentic at all and indulge in illegal streaming. It is always best to go through authentic and registered alternative websites of LetMeWatchThis site.


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