Rabb.it : Best Alternatives to Watch Videos With Friends in 2024 | Sites like Rabb.it TV

Rabb.it : Best Alternatives to Watch Videos With Friends

Rabb.it : Alternative Sites to Watch Videos With Friends in 2024

Rabb.it app is an original video streaming app where you can invite your friends and family to enjoy movies together and chat with each other at the same time. The Rabb. it was shut down in May 2019 just because of internal issues with distributors, but it was available again for regular users.

The Rabb.it app is very popular due to its interface and selection of movies. People can easily use it from anywhere and anytime. There are lots of rumors about Rabb.it app and people are confused about it so let’s solve all the questions here.

About Rabb.it

Rabb.it is an illegal app used to watch online videos or movies with friends while chatting with them. In 2019, the CEO Amanda Richardson had announced the banned of Rabb.it app due to insufficient funding.

The app is not available on Google Play Store or Apple Store, and some people find out the app through the website, but it doesn’t need to work.

Best Sites like Rabb.it to Watch Videos With Friends

Today we are just going to know about Best Alternatives of Rabb.it to Watch Videos With Friends in 2024. So let’s begin the journey.


Tutturu.tv is another shared browsing service; you can also invite friends and enjoy videos and movies together. It includes private rooms and free virtual browsers. The app also offers an audio and chat facility in the app.

If you purchase the app, then some premium features can be used, just like private browsing. You can use it for free and purchase a subscription at $5 only.


It is another alternative or Rabb.it. Host watch parties using virtual browsers and share the remote control with your friends. Watch Youtube, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and so on by following these steps.

  • Step 1: Create a room
  • Step 2: Browse the video to watch
  • Step 3: Share the invitation link to your friends to join

To get premium features, you can buy the subscription plans of $5/month or $50/year and enjoy these features like private rooms with free virtual machines, integrated text and voice chat, remote-control sharing.


This is a little bit different from Rabb.it because it also includes an audio library that you can enjoy with your friends, and anyone can play anything while searching the song. The app has a large library of free videos and audio files. The good news is there is no need for signing or creating an account.

Purchasing premium features will give you access to Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Facebook and Dailymotion, Hulu, and that can also be shared with another premium feature account. You can find music from SoundCloud or live Twitch streams.


It is a virtual hangout app for friends who live across the country or in different cities. This app does not need any subscription or signup; create a virtual room and share the link with your friends to invite them. In this app, you can communicate over webcam or microphone, chat and do various activities such as:

Sharing your screen or browser tab for watching together Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, or local video files. Start NES or SNES emulator to play a multiplayer game. You can also play Quake 3 on Kosmi.

You can also start a Poker game with your friends or create a virtual card table to play a card game and make your night wonderful.

In upcoming days it also becomes a software platform that can be run inside the room for new experiences. The developers are working on it right now.


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It is a very easy-to-use web-based service that supports chat rooms, watch movies, share files, video chat, and play games. You can share Youtube videos in a chat room but cannot access Amazon or Netflix content without a subscription. You have to create an account for free use, and it will be done in few seconds only.


This app provides public and private chat rooms to people. You can use a free account or buy a subscription to get some more facilities. The user can access the Netflix, Amazon content and watch it with friends in the premium features.

TogetherTube also offers to play music or add new music in the library. The team can vote and decide which song is going to play next on the playlist. The voting system also applies to videos.


The chill platform has a simple user interface, and it is easy to create public or private room chat and watch videos simultaneously with anyone around the world. As you open the app, you can see lots of public chat rooms and join any of them. If the admin allows you, then you can enjoy yourself with them and make new friends.


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It is another chatroom platform where you can chat and watch videos simultaneously, and other people can also connect with you. The audio service is not available, but video streaming is really good, and millions of users are using it now. It has a large library of movies and web series. So don’t miss and download it now.


It is a very popular free video site among people because it won’t bind you to create an account and use public chat to create your group or join other people chat groups. The myCircle.tv also provide you Youtube free content, or you can add your video file to watch with your friends and family. So try it now.


This app can only be used by people who have a Netflix account, and for using it, the user needs to download the extension on the Chrome browser or any other browser. They also have to install the extension to invite friends, and now you’re ready to enjoy the Netflix series together. You can chat in real-time as the synced video plays. The extension does not play with other streaming platforms or local videos.


It has a very simple user interface for creating and joining chat rooms, and it only works with YouTube. No need to create an account and invite friends to start the video and chat with each other.


YoMovies is a website that provides online streaming of movies and TV shows. It’s important to note that streaming copyrighted content without proper licensing or authorization is often illegal and against the terms of service of many streaming platforms.


This platform is especially for lovers. It contains more than 100000 video content that can be shared with your friends. StreamParty is free to use, and users can also purchase the subscription if they make a limited number of people.

In a free subscription, the user can be invited up to 50 people and make a community, and in private room chats, there are six people in a community and share videos with each other. Globally it has 50k members, so you can also join a new people community.


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GetMetastream is another alternative for Rabb.it because it supports major platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and so on. It doesn’t have the facility of stream download media, audio support, and webcam support. Meta stream uses proprietary technology to deliver an enhanced streaming experience with no latency. So it is the best app to share with your friends.


The Parsec is a video streaming and game streaming app. Here you can play games with your friends and experience real-time gaming. The video watching feature is not so good, but you can access the free library for playing videos. It is not connected with major platforms like Netflix or Amazon, so many people don’t like it, but it is the best for game players.


This app works with Android and iOS both; you can share audio and video content with friends or add the content to play it next. It also supports GIFs to make the chat room interesting and fun-loving. It is another popular app like Rabb.it. It is also available for the desktop, so don’t worry about it.


The Syncplay has only a desktop version, and it can be work on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can add music and video files in the chat room and others. This website doesn’t have an app for mobile or iPhone, but it supports many video formats in use. So it is a trustworthy app, and people who are still addicted to the PC can use this website to get in touch with their loved ones.


It is another popular video streaming app just like Rabb.it. Kast offers video sharing, chat communication, audio support to the users. It is a computer-based software that runs on Mac and Windows PC. It is also available for iOS users.

You can invite up to 100 friends and create a very large community for free. The premium features can allow you to create a private chat room and enjoy more features. You can also use Kast as the alternative and enjoy it with your family and friends.


The motive behind explaining all these apps is to create memories with your loved ones and feel each other. According to the current situation, it is hard to meet and spend some time with each other, so use the above app as the alternative app and share your favorite videos with your family and friends. Choose your favorite one and let us know which one is good, and if you have something more to share, we love to hear and share with other people.


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