5 Ways To Optimize Your Packaging For E-Commerce Sales

5 Ways To Optimize Your Packaging For E-Commerce Sales

Statistics indicate that eCommerce accounts for approximately $904 billion in revenue in the U.S. alone. If you operate an online brand, you know it can be difficult to carve out your piece of the pie, but there are several strategies you can use to boost sales and improve your customers’ experience. Investing in custom printed mylar bags, for example, can make it easier to ship products securely.

1. Choose a Strong Package Material

Most people have experienced the disappointment of receiving something in the mail only to realize that it has been irreparably damaged in transit. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, this is the last kind of experience that you want your customers to have. It’s vital, then, to invest in a strong type of material when you’re deciding what kind of packaging to use. Higher quality packaging materials will be able to withstand the wear and tear of transit more easily. Some of the most durable options to consider include cellulose, recycled cardboard, and post-consumer plastic.

2. Choose Space Efficient Postal Packaging

Space efficiency is another important consideration when you’re choosing eCommerce packaging and shipping materials. You can create customized stand up pouches, for example, that allow you to package multiple products together. These packs utilize space effectively and thus minimize shipping costs. Many shipping carriers calculate postage based on the size of a package, so reducing its footprint is an effective money-saving strategy. You can also customize this packaging option to include the design of your choice to reinforce your company’s branding.

3. Invest in Padding for Fragile Items

If your eCommerce business specializes in fragile items, you must ensure that these products are properly cushioned before shipment. Broken items will result in disappointed customers and lost revenue. If this happens repeatedly, it may even jeopardize your business’s reputation and lead to dwindling profits. Investing in inexpensive padding for your packaging can prevent this.

4. Make Packaging Aesthetically Pleasing

eCommerce sellers can learn a thing or two from packaging for frozen foods and investing in the aesthetic appeal of their products. You may think that packaging is not important if a customer has already purchased an item. On the contrary, though, packaging is still a vital consideration because it defines your brand and contributes to customer satisfaction. Invest in attractive designs and customized packaging to make your customers’ experience even more special. A custom packaging provider can help you choose the best material for your new design.

5. Wrap Each Product Individually

When you are preparing multiple products for shipment, it’s important to wrap each one individually — especially if the products are fragile. Investing in individual packaging is the easiest way to do this and ensure that your goods reach the recipient securely. Consider packaging options such as rollstock pouches or lay flat pouches, both of which offer space efficient solutions for single products.

Packaging plays an important role in your customers’ experience. Choose strong and space efficient packaging designs to maximize the profits of your eCommerce company.

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