Summer Cleaning Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Summer Cleaning Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Summer is a wonderful time of year that requires some adjustments to your cleaning routine and schedule.  Here, we will go over some important summer cleaning tips and tricks you need to know to stay on top of your cleaning regimen.

Tip #1: Brighten your whites

Summer is the time to get out white clothing and lighten up your wardrobe.  Commercial Laundry experts often suggest using a brightening agent to laundry to keep white clothing as bright as can be during the summer months.

Often times, white clothing can become a little dull, dirty and have a yellow or brown tint to them.  Using a brightening agent is a great solution to your laundry woes and a great tip for the summer!

Tip #2:  Keep glass and windows sparkly clean

During the summer months it’s important to keep glass and windows sparkly clean.  Your view of the outdoors is important during the summer months.  Seeing the trees, flowers and yard is a great thing to highlight and you don’t want to view your home through dirty windows.

Hiring commercial window washers is one thing you can do if you have windows that are in hard to reach places.  In addition, you can get out the Windex and clean inside windows yourself if you can.

Tip #3:  Stay on top of dusting

It’s important to dust this time of year.  Many homes keep windows and doors open during the summer.  The result is that you’ll need to do more dusting than you would normally during the winter.

This is especially true if you do a remodel of your home.  Dust will build up big-time and you’ll need to hire post construction cleaning crew to make your home safe to live in.

Get a duster and walk through your home.  Be sure to dust hard to reach areas and behind shelves and bookcases where dust balls can hide.  When your home is clean and dust free you will certainly be happy!

Tip #4: Do the wash more often

You’ll need to do the wash once a week at least during the summer.  At this time of year, our bodies produce more sweat and clothing can absorb odor.

Rather than having to deal with smelling bad, why not wash your clothing a little more frequently?

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Tip #5: Time to power wash your house!

The summer is the perfect time to power wash your home from top to bottom.  But be sure to hire an expert to do the job as it’s not an easy one and can cause damage if not done properly!

Power washing your house can enhance curb appeal, add value to your home and clean up any dirt and grime stuck to the siding.  This doesn’t need to be done often but if you need a good power wash now is certainly a great time!

Call a local power washing company near you and get spraying! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results to your home!

Tip #6: Hire carpet cleaners

You don’t need to hire carpet cleaners regularly.  However, you should do it annually in high traffic areas in your home or business.

Carpet cleaning is an important task of home maintenance that often gets neglected until it’s too late.  When odor is present and carpets are worn, you should really invest in commercial carpet cleaning to take care of rugs.

Maintaining carpets is a foundational task of home maintenance.  You will reap the rewards of having carpets that last longer, too!

When it comes to Orlando carpet care, you want a carpet cleaning company like Cubix Inc that is careful and won’t damage your flooring.

Final Thoughts

 Maintaining your home properly is very important.  During the summer you need to keep some things in mind when cleaning and maintaining your home and daily chores.

We hope this post has been helpful in teaching you some tips for summer cleaning and we wish you all the best!


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