5 Tips For A Healthy And Safe Home

Tips For A Healthy And Safe Home

Families have been spending more time at home than usual as the pandemic forced them within the safety of their roof. However, how safe is your home? After a year of being home almost every single day, have you discovered possible problem areas in your home that could affect your health negatively?

Cultivating A Healthy Home

Because your home is the place you retreat to, it’s a given there’s a huge connection between your house and your well-being. While you don’t have control over external environmental factors, home is where you can exercise responsible decision-making. Use your control wisely to ensure your home is a healthy and safe place for you and your family.

Here are some tips you can apply to cultivate a positive change:

Install Water Filters

Water filters are effective in making your home a healthier and safer one. Surely, you wouldn’t want your family to be drinking contaminated water. You could be at peace that the water which comes out of your tap is potable and clean by installing filters.

You may ask, ‘Are whole house filters worth it?’ Water filters can be expensive, but they’re an investment for the good health of every member of the household. Having a filtering system could help keep you away from potential bacteria present in water.

Beware Of Potential Dangers

The health hazards of a household may not always be immediately apparent. While you might think of it as the safest place to be in, you may not be aware of possible hidden defects present in your home, especially if you live in an older place. For instance, asbestos, radon lead-based paint, rodents and insects lurking in cluttered areas, and even secondhand smoke.

Many of these are invisible, so the only way to detect their presence is through professionals checking your home. In this way, you can permanently rid your home of these toxic substances. You could consider researching local home services in your area and inquire about what they’re offering.

Meanwhile, if you have a family member who smokes, it’s often difficult to make them stop. This is a decision they’ve got to make for themselves. What you can do is designate an outdoor smoking area in your home, so whenever they feel like lighting a cigar, they can do it in the specified area. In this way, the nicotine and harmful substances secondhand smoke may bring aren’t trapped inside your home.

Guard Against Scalding

If you’ve got children or senior citizens living with you, it’s very important to guard them against scalding. When you’ve got a tub at home, it’s not just drowning that’s a potential risk. Scalding is also one of them.

Hot water can burn skin just as much as fire does. Always test the water temperature yourself before getting the kids in the tub. You could also work with a professional plumbing company to set the ceiling of hot water temperature up to the safety limits of the people most vulnerable in your home.

Regularly Wipe All Surfaces

While it’s not possible to clean every single area of your home every day, it’s great if you can regularly wipe down all surfaces, particularly those in the kitchen and dining area. It doesn’t have to be difficult. As soon as everyone’s done eating, wipe the surface immediately. 

Particularly with the pandemic, don’t just wipe it with a wet cloth. You may also want to use an anti-bacterial disinfectant or an all-purpose cleaner to prevent the spreading of bacteria that could’ve started to breed on your surfaces.

Install Smoke Alarms And Detectors

Depending on when your home was built, smoke alarms, detectors, and even fire extinguishers may already be present in your household. But if it isn’t, then go ahead and take the extra step. It may be an added expense, but it’s worth it—in the name of home safety.

More so, you never know when accidents may happen. While you may try your best, parents can’t put their eyes on their kids 24/7. Having smoke alarms and detectors can give you much-needed protection to avoid uncontrollable fires.


It doesn’t take major changes to keep your home healthy. Even simple habits like regular cleaning can make a significant impact, especially with the current pandemic. Now that you’re familiar with some of the most common trouble spots affecting your home, it’s high time to take action and put a stop to this. By doing these tips, your home can be the haven it’s supposed to be.


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